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Pool Resurfacing

As pools age, they require periodic repairs and pool renovations to keep looking and working like new.

A swimming pool’s appearance is half of its charm. The sunlight reflects off the pool’s smooth surfaces, and the sparkling, clear blue water invites you to jump in for a relaxing dip or swim. However, a pool’s surface wears down over time, and a pool can begin to look aged, unclean, or even unsafe. Eventually, pools need to be resurfaced in order to look new again.

Pool resurfacing can be one of the biggest renovations you undertake, and it should always be left to the professionals. At Anthony & Sylvan Pools, we have years of experience when it comes to pool resurfacing. Let us get your pool looking like new again by reading about the different pool finishes we have available.


Plaster is the most affordable option for resurfacing your pool. It’s the most common option for concrete pool finishes, and it’s known for being durable.

Pool repair technicians begin by either chipping or sandblasting the old plaster off in order to remove it. After they have done so, the original concrete shell will be all that is left. A bonding coat is then applied to the pool shell, and then, the new plaster coating is  added to give a new look to the older swimming pool.

While the color of choice is up to you, darker colors are a good alternative as they absorb sunlight better, and they can save you money on pool heating costs.

Aggregate Interior Finishes

Aggregate finishes are becoming more popular in most areas of the country because they are more durable and the inherent color variety makes it a perfect companion for backyard upgrades.

With the expansive pallet of colors embedded in the aggregate itself, the pool water takes on different colors that are perfectly suited for customization.  Darker interior finishes give the pool a natural look and feel and enable the owner to retain some of the heat Mother Nature delivers.  Sandy-colored aggregate finishes make the pool water seem like your favorite Caribbean island beach, and deeper blues invite the user to the cool ocean breezes of the Pacific

Whatever your preferences, there is an aggregate or pebble finish that ideally suits your tastes and design elements.

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