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Renovating Your Pool for Cold Weather Use

While many people close their pool for 6-9 months every year, there are still a good amount of pool owners who choose to keep their pools open, offering water fun all year long. However, there are certain types of... Read More

Preparing Your Pool for a Pool Party

Imagine that you’re sitting next to your pool soaking up the sun. Your eyes are closed as your listening to your kids splashing in the water. You are excited that your friends are on their way to enjoy the... Read More

How to Know the Best Time to Close Your Pool

It’s the same question every summer. When should we close up the pool? Before labor day? After? Before the first cool weather spike? While most people know to close up their pool before cold weather arrives, many don’t realize... Read More

Common Pool Design Regrets & How to Avoid Them!

When you’re designing the pool you’ve always dreamed about, you’re investing in more than just a pool — it’s a place to create memories with friends and family. That’s why it’s important to really think about every detail during... Read More

Beautifully Minimal Las Vegas Modern Pools

Las Vegas is known for its sophisticated, modern style with everything—including their pools. With a lot of Las Vegas pools, many of our clients have decided to go with a more minimal using contemporary edge design elements. This lends... Read More

Las Vegas Plunge Pools

In the dry, hot desert of Las Vegas, there is no better feeling than cooling off in a plunge pool. A plunge pool is a small, deep pool that is ideal for cooling off and invigorating the skin and... Read More