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Choosing the Perfect Pool Finish for Your Poolscape

Choosing the perfect pool finish for your poolscape can be just as important as picking out the shape of the pool. Whether you want an iridescent pearl appearance or if you want a jungle oasis look, we can help you with your decision-making process.

The first step is to decide what type of pool you want. Does fiberglass catch your eye? Or does concrete seem more appealing? Once we know this, we can delve into the different types of finishes.

Types of Concrete Pool Finishes

There are three different types of concrete finishes that you can get for your pool:

Types of Fiberglass Pool Finishes

There are seven different types of fiberglass finishes that Anthony & Sylvan offers. The fiberglass pool finishes are part of the Anthony & Sylvan HydroStone Pools® collection. They have a high-end appearance with a “pebble” gel coat finish. The greatest appeal to fiberglass pools is the lack of maintenance and smooth textures to maximize your swimming enjoyment.

How to Achieve the Look You Want

Each feature allows you to take your customizing adventure into your own reins. The color of your pool water is dependent on the finish of the pool. Do you want your water to look like a Caribbean beach with light blue water or do you want a sleek and sophisticated look with navy-blue water? Your ultimate finish choice is what determines that color of your pool. Listed below are a few options:

We get it, choosing your pool features can be difficult. Not to fear, though—our experts are readily available to help you with any further questions that you may have about your future pool. It’s an investment after all, and it should be treated like one.

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