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Inground Pool Built In 10 Days or Less

Picture 076Anthony & Sylvan customers need relief from the sweltering heat and humidity this summer and they’ve turned to us for immediate and qualitative solutions, just as they have for the past over 70 years. This year, the advent of the innovative Anthony & Sylvan Fiberglass Pool line has provided a new solution to the age-old problem of building a beautiful backyard swimming environment lickety-split.
Our FAST-TRACK fiberglass building process is “Wow-ing” customers in the NE Region en’ masse and great reviews are streaming in as happy pool owners enjoy this wonderful product while the temperatures flirt with 100 degerees.
Of the most recent installations, 60% of them were completed in 8 days or less! That’s dug, set, plumbed, utilities connected, filtration system running, fences completed and decks poured in just a little over a week.Remarkable!
The other pools that were finished in more than 8 days were still finished in 10 days or less, and that was due to stonework around the pool being part of the design.
Bottom-line: Anthony & Sylvan can get you wet FAST with FIBERGLASS!
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Inground Pool Built In 10 Days or Less
We completed construction for an inground pool in less than 10 days.
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Anthony & Sylvan Pools
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