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Anthony & Sylvan Pools has created over 370,000 pools and spas over the last 70 years for some really incredible people, and each of their reasons for getting a pool was as unique as they are. Many of them have shared their experiences with us, and we hope their stories will inspire you to get the pool of your dreams for your own reasons.

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Great Pools for 30 Years

"We're originally from California and we had used Anthony & Sylvan probably 30 years ago (my mom had). I called several companies and Anthony & Sylvan was the first one who contacted me and came right out. They did everything to our new pool. I love the waterfall that they have. Everybody's been very good. When we had to call them for something, it was taken care of. Very good service. It was a great experience. "
- Susan F.

Attentive Pool Builder

"We had our underground pool and hot tub put in by Anthony & Sylvan. Our design consultant was great. He listened to us and stayed well within our price range. Then our project manager was really attentive to us, and always answered calls and emails, and came out really regularly to check on the progress. He was really available."
- Heidi H.

Everything is Great

"I've wanted a pool ever since I moved in to my house, about eight years ago. My friend got a pool from Anthony & Sylvan, which is why I chose them. I got the free-form pool and a spa. My kid loves it and I got a bar at the pool. The bar stools look very cool. Everything is great. The team was really good, helpful and on time. Iメve always been in the spa but I hadn't really been able to get into the pool much because they had finished it in the winter time. I'm looking forward to summer."
- Joey P.

On Top of Everything

"Iメve wanted a pool for a few years so we can have some relaxing family times, where we could hang out and barbecue. Weメve had some friends who used Anthony & Sylvan. Itメs the only company that would come out and actually look at the site and see if a pool would work really well because of the land $@!#% and some other landscaping issues where we wanted the pool to be. The project manager was really on top of everything and took care of any complaints that we have right away. The project team did their work in a timely manner and did a good job as well. Now we have a free form pool. I really like the waterfall and the sun deck they put in there."
- Mrs Dennis H.

Relaxing Pool and Spa

"We've been wanting to get a pool and a friend of mine recommended Anthony & Sylvan. They did our free-form pool with spa. They were all really good and did a good job. The pool is holding up well. We use it just to cool off and relax at the end of the day. Everything has just been a good experience."
- Tim B.

Highly Recommend A&S

"Anthony Sylvan Pool Company was contacted in May of 2012 to build our pool with waterfall and bench seating around the pool for entertaining. The construction went as scheduled and by July 4th we were swimming! The pool is great and we have thoroughly enjoyed it. I would highly recommend Anthony Sylvan Pools to anyone considering putting in a pool. Their employees were knowledgeable and very helpful in designing our pool and following through from start to finish. We are very satisfied with our purchase. Thanks again!"
- Cheryl Y.

Wonderful Pool Construction

"Anytime I called and had a question, Anthony & Sylvan reps were very prompt at responding. We emailed to communicate a lot, which was great because I'm not always available by phone. It was just very positive. Because of no rain, our pool was done in 19 or 20 days which is unbelievable. Every day there was someone here to supervise. They did a wonderful job. The whole family is enjoying it."
- Joy M.

Very Pleased

"Anthony and Sylvan helped us design and build our pool and decking. I like the overall design and the layout that they did. Overall, I was very pleased. I was always informed of the schedule and knew what was going to be done. They were professional and they completed the work within the allotted schedule."
- Jeff K.

Looking Forward to Summer

"I did a lot of comparative pricing and interviewed four different pool companies in the area. We have a historic home and wanted to create a New Orleans courtyard kind of feel and so it's a small rectangle to try into our small lot size. Both the project manager and our salesperson helped us design the pool and made improvements of what we thought we wanted and helped us out with the new system that we really like. Our project manager kept us informed and the things going on schedule. I like the water feature and the fact that it sits perfectly into our lot. I look forward into getting hot and jumping into it."
- Julie B.

Thrilled With Anthony & Sylvan

"We've been really serious about wanting to have a pool for about a year. I got pretty sick and we were looking for a pool that I could do exercises in. We first went for another pool-building company but I was not happy with them since they didn't seem to want to work with us. When I contacted Anthony & Sylvan, they seemed to want to work with us and give us what we wanted. Hence, we chose them to build our pool. Much of the construction process went well, but it didn't go as smoothly as I think it should have. Two or three meetings with different subs caught us by surprise as we weren't home or we had other plans. We had them build a free-form pool which is 5-feet deep in the deep end. It's very nice and low maintenance. The pool is surrounded by cement, with a patio nearby. The pool is nice during the hot weather. We went to quite the expense for a heated pool and it's all hooked up and sitting there, looking stunning. But the water is very warm with the summer going on, so we haven't used this feature yet. Besides its daily use and the ability to cool off in it during the hot climate, the pool also increased the value of the property nicely. However, for a company that is very complete to a point, our cleaning robot still does not work properly. The robot ends up by the stairs that go into the pool. It takes manual manipulation in order to yard it out of there and let it do some other things, but then it always ends back there in a short amount of time. The project manager told us there is an attachment that would be given to us so that it would not get hung up, but we still don't have it. Still, the equipment is top-rate and the job done on the pool was very top-drawer. With the exception the robot issue and scheduling headaches, we're overly thrilled about Anthony & Sylvan, and I would recommend them to anybody."
- Stephanie C.

Super Pool Builder

"I first heard about Anthony & Sylvan online. I had gotten quotes from three different companies and I thought their warranty information and price are the best. It was a new installation, an in-ground pool. It is granite and uses chlorine. The size of the pool is my favorite feature. Everybody was just so wonderful. My design guy was super and he gave us a pool that we really do like. My project manager was very good, very helpful. And all the contractors were here when they should have been. They did a great job and the cleanup was super. It was a very positive pool-building experience! If I bought another property, I would use them again. "
- Leslie C.

Love My Pool

"Anthony & Sylvan did a pool for us underground. Before we did our pool, I shopped around to see what they were offering and what I loved about Anthony & Sylvan is that one, they've been around for a long time and two, their workmanship. From the very get-go, Philip, our salesman, he came in and explained everything. We went into the office, my husband, my daughter, my son, and we got to pick and choose the layout of the pool, so it was a family project as we wanted the whole family involved. I have recommended them to people. The only fallback we have on it is that when the pool is ready and it has been cured for ten days, it's torture."
- Yolanda C.

Beautiful Free-Form Pool

"We contacted Anthony and Sylvain Pools in December 2013 for a pool build in March 2014. We met with Philip Kinney and gave him our ideas. He provided several concepts and walked us through every step of the way. He could have gone elaborate or basic... it was our decision. They built us a beautiful free-form pool with a 110' perimiter along with a custom spa. It is simple and classic in it's form and presentation."
- Curtis Y.

Very Happy

"We heard of Anthony & Sylvan pool because they had the storefront next to the Starbucks that we go to. We kept passing by and as we looked at it, we said, "You know, we need to go in and see ムem and just get an idea what would it cost to do a pool." My wife wanted a pool for 30 years and we just liked the salesperson and designer so I felt that it was for us to do. The pool we got does not have a spa. It's freeform and it gives us the opportunity to go in, refresh, and relax to wash away the stress of the day. I think just getting in reinvigorates you a little bit. But we only got about a month in at best before it got too cold to get in it so we really havenメt had enough time to enjoy it yet. The project took longer than we expected it to take and there were a lot of rain delays, but I talked with them several times in terms of completion of the pool. That wasn't the strongest part of the pool, but the fact that we're complete and very happy with what we have. I would recommend them to a friend."
- Stephen G.

Exactly What We Wanted

"Installed a spool (spa/pool combination) in our backyard. Great job on building the pool. We were also happy with the crew and the additional work (stamped concrete and stone wall). We picked Anthony & Sylvan because they are a proven company and have a good name in the business. We worked with Phil Kinney at Anthony & Sylvan. He was professional and responsive from day one until the end of the project. He did not try to oversell anything to us and very honest and dependable. We had limited space in our backyard due to an easement and Phil was able to provide us with his design ideas for a spool (spa/pool combination). We are very happy with how the pool turned out. We got exactly what we wanted given our lifestyle."
- Jacinta B.

Outstanding Year After Year

"Thank you so much for the outstanding service you provided today at the Houston office. My pool was built years ago, and l still got amazingly fast service. I had the documents requested in record time. Thanks so much Mr Van Horn. So glad l used Anthony & Sylvan!"
- Kemkem R.

Responsive In-Ground Pool Builder w/ Good Quality Control

"In any kind of big project that requires so many days and you're at the whim of the weather and everything else, you want somebody that is responsive. To let you know what's going on and how things are gonna move from here and so forth. They (A&S) have always been very responsive. Not just responsive but they have good quality control.Quality control is a big thing especially because there's so many different groups of people being managed and handled with in construction of a project like a pool set. I specifically remember a situation where the decking was not aligned correctly or something. There was no way I would have known that kind of stuff. (This was before they poured the concrete.) So someone coming out and looking at it and going, "You know what? This needs to be redone because this is not right." So they ended up paying out and completely using another date to get that right - I thought that was really cool. Because that's something that you want to trust the people that your working with and that was a prime example of doing that. It was an easy and comfortable experience. Anthony & Sylvan installed a fairly large, maybe over 20,000 gallon, concrete pool in my backyard. It uses Nature2 Fusion & Ozonator. This is a type of sanitizing stuff that helps out in eliminating the amount of chlorine tablets used."
- Eddy A.

So Many Years

"We chose to get our swimming pool and hot tub from Anthony & Sylvan Pools because theyメve been in business for so many years. We got the chlorine-type pool, and our favorite pool feature was the waterfall. We were satisfied with their service and were excited about the time frame they built the pool."
- Sonia L.

Perfect In-Ground Pool

"Working with Anthony and Sylvan could not have been a better experience! From our first meeting with our sales person through all stages of construction they have excelled!When we decided to have a pool installed in our back yard we did lots of research on pool companies and decided to use A&S because of their outstanding reputation and their years of experience. Little did we know at the time - but they are even better than advertised. I could not imagine working with anyone else now that we have had the pleasure of working with their entire team! I doubt any company anywhere can build better pools than A&S or can offer better customer service! They have been prompt, professional, courteous and kind throughout the entire process. When they say they will do something - they do! We had high hopes for this pool and they exceeded our expectations at every opportunity. Our salesman Jeff Mitchell has been outstanding in designing the pool and explaining all the functions and features that would make owning the pool easy and enjoyable over the years. He was ALWAYS available to us whenever we needed help and always there to answer our questions. He listened to what we wanted and designed the perfect pool for us - even coming in under budget. No trying to upsell or spend every dollar we had available - he treated us fairly and with respect from our first meeting. Clint Black was our project manager and just like Jeff - he has been fantastic to deal with. He has always been available when I needed help and extremely helpful in getting the pool built perfect for us! He is committed to getting his customers the pool that they want and has ensured that every step was done correctly. He has been wonderful to work with and we are confident that our pool was built with the quality we expected when we chose A&S. Each and every crew that came onto our property has been fantastic. From excavation, rebar, electrical, plumbing, gunite, tile and coping to plaster - they were all extremely professional and friendly. They showed up when scheduled and were committed to doing the job correctly and up to A&S standards. No short cuts were taken and they stayed until the job was done right. Each crew paid attention to the smallest of details and worked to ensure that everything they did was perfect. Again...we couldn't be happier with every stage of construction! Kudos to all the crews we were fortunate enough to work with. And last but not least - the front office crew! Amy Flood was our scheduler and she was FANTASTIC! She was always right on top of our project and did everything she could to ensure that the process went smoothly. At every opportunity to improve on the schedule she would - and was great about communicating the changes in our schedule with us. Just like everyone else mentioned above, Amy was always prompt and courteous in her responses to our questions and always did everything she could to help us out. She was a true joy to work with, I could not imagine anyone else being able to do better than she did. There are others to mention that I know I am forgetting to mention but Amy, Alicia and Cynthia have all been outstanding. They have made the installation as seamless and painless as possible. We loved them all! I could go on and on and on about how wonderful this company was to work with...but by now I think you get the point. I would 100% recommend using A&S when building a pool and will refer anyone and everyone I know to them. THANK YOU A&S for building our perfect backyard!! We will enjoy it as a family for years to come!!!"
- Matt T.

Recommended Pool Builder

"We had Anthony & Sylvan install our new concrete pool with a raised back wall with three sprays on. My consultant Mark ** did a great job with designing the pool and meeting with us. He explained everything, followed up and was timely to meetings. He's the one that really sold us on Anthony & Sylvan, and then our project manager was easy to work with, followed through on things. It was a pretty good experience overall. I've already recommended them."
- Jim V.

Very Professional Pool Installation

"My neighbor told me about Anthony & Sylvan so I had them install a new gunite pool. It's a simple pool. The designer was very nice and helped me out very much. The only thing is that they changed the project manager halfway through, and I had to keep an eye on things, which I didn't have to do. It was done properly but I didn't think that should be my task. Overall it was very professional and the team were all very courteous and helpful, so they were very nice people to deal with. "
- Bram J.

Great Pool Builder, Great Customer Service

"I went on a home advisor website, and Anthony & Sylvan came up on that website. So I gave them a call, and they gave me the best deal for putting in a chlorine-type granite swimming pool. I like the whole pool. Their team was very helpful. They were just great and they kept me up-to-date with everything. Great customer service."
- Deborah R.

Exceptional In-Ground Pool Builder

"Anthony & Sylvan came out several times because my husband and I were trying to decide exactly what I wanted. In the end we had them install a new concrete pool that used chlorine. One of the things that I love is that I never felt like I was being pushed into anything. They were really great about explaining it, and if there was a misunderstanding, they figure out exactly where we miscommunicated so that we can make this right and move forward. So I never felt like anybody was ever trying to run out for me or railroad me. Also, Jeff, the gentleman that built our pool, and the manager of it, did a great job. They finished ahead of schedule. The entire experience was exceptional. "
- Nancy G.

Beautiful In-Ground Pool

"We are satisfied with Anthony & Sylvan. They've done a beautiful job on our in-ground swimming pool. I just like the size, and the one that we had gotten is a good-size pool, which is nice. All of them were really professional and answered any question I had in terms I could understand and even brought up some that I didn't even think about. They're really good. It was just wonderful. I was very happy and satisfied with them."
- Rose B.

Strong Reputation & Customer Service

"Anthony & Sylvan's reputation and customer service directed us towards them for our pool. We didn't have any problem at all with their people. They came out on time as scheduled and everything is great. I'm glad we have a pool from them. "
- Mrs Richard R.

Very Comfortable Process

"Our sales representatives got us to choose Anthony & Sylvan Pools. We had them provide us with a relatively small (12,000 square gallons), free-form pool. We love the pool's aesthetics, I think they did a really good quality job of designing the way the pool flows to the house and the decking. They also did it within budget - it was very impressive. I also like the fact that the kids are able to use it.Plus, the resell value I think is gonna help me. All the interactions with their representatives were very timely and responsive. They were patient, listening to all my questions, concerns, and very upfront and honest about the entire process. But most importantly, I think the biggest thing that came out is the tool that they used and the process they go through to make me feel comfortable. They exactly show me how the finished product is gonna look and made me comfortable about the decision."
- Jon U.

Recommended by a Friend

"I have a friend that had built a pool with Anthony & Sylvan the year before and he's very happy with his pool and it's pretty good, that's why I had mine done by them. It's been 3 to 4 years since I wanted one. I had the initial meeting with the project manager and then after that the process went very fast. The project manager always told me what the next steps would be in advance and I know about what they're going to be doing so it went very smoothly and done a lot quicker than I thought it would be. Mine's a freeform one with waterfall and it's very aesthetically pleasing. It looks very nice in our yard and we enjoy using it a lot too. We have a daughter that loves swimming in it. I always look forward to just being able to use it with friends and family as a kind of a get together thing that allows us to host parties and have a lot of people come over and enjoy the pool and each other's company."
- Todd K.

Pool With All The Bells and Whistles

"We didn't know we wanted a pool until we had some problems with our yard and a drainage between our house and our guest house. When we had a landscaper coming out to look, he designed something and we decided at that time that we wanted to try to put in a pool. I found out about Anthony & Sylvan online and their design ended up what we went with. We got all the bells and whistles with it. It's more than what we have planned. We told them what we kind of envisioned and we needed to engineer out some issues with the drainage in our yard, he designed the pool and patio around that and really beautifully incorporated what all we wanted to see. And with the final design we've got a two-level patio, all capped in at the edges in flex stone with the waterfalls over into the pool and it's got the LED lights and they were great. They told us the schedule and as far as weather permitted, they stuck with it. They got the pool done fairly quickly--a lot quicker than what we thought it would take and we enjoy seeing the kids have a blast. They go out there with their mom everyday."
- Bobby G.

Awesome Pool Builder

"This is my second pool and I owned different pool the first time but I got discouraged about that because of all the maintenance. I wasn't satisfied with the first pool. Since I'm in Texas now and I'm no longer in the Middle East I definitely need a pool to keep myself cool and calorie-free. I saw Anthony and Sylvan's sign and the wide features they offer so I went online, submitted my name and they came out. Now we have a unique, chlorine pool with a spa. My favorite part of the pool is the coating and the type of the structure. The gentleman I worked with came all the way from Austin and was so awesome. He came all the way down here just to make sure that I have the right type of pool that I wanted. They did my pool in a 2012 type series. I was not able to have them fill it up yet because I wasn't home. So the pool was stuck there for almost two and a half years and then he came back to put a granite. The main guy came out and gave me a school, and the guy get it off his job even though they stay there. When he came back to get the plaster, the deck was already done. They did what they call a stamping deck and it was great. The guys came back to clean it up and that's awesome. They looked after me and that's what I like about it. The folks that I worked with including the saleslady that called me up back and forth did meet every deadline. When it's hot being, out there at the pool is refreshing. Every time people come out, they look at the pool and it's like a sunny point. People think I'm rich but I'm not. I just got a good pool builder that came in and did an awesome job. I recommend it to my other folks around there. If you want a pool, Anthony and Sylvan got to do it for you. They're excellent, very clean and meet their commitments."
- Luis A.

10 Year Dream Come True

"I've been wanting a pool for ten years so I went on the internet and put in that I was interested and Anthony and Sylvan was one of the only two who responded to my request. My pool is rectangular and my favorite thing about it is that they have designed it according to what we wanted and everything is working fine. We always look forward to spend the evenings now in the backyard ever since we had the pool. To go outside and just sit and look at the beautiful pool is a big difference. I've also got big windows in the back of the house so I'm able to look at my pool in the back in the mornings when I open the shades."
- Mike H.

Ecstatic About Our Experience

"We decided to look for some local pool builders and we found out that Anthony & Sylvan was a few miles from the house. All I had to do is pick up the phone and call them. Then they gave us a few different options for the tile and the coping. My wife was involved in that process and they treated her very nicely. They did anything they can do to make her happy, so I was so ecstatic about it. It's a free form pool with spa and we purchased it for her. It's very important to her and whatever they can do to make her happy, I'm happy. A lot of times once you start with companies and contractors, they're not very responsive after they get paid. But they were pretty good at their jobs and they stood behind their work. It was my first time being involved in a pool build from scratch. So now I use the pool as a show place because I'm in the real estate business. I bring everybody so they take a look at the pool and I recommend Anthony & Sylvan to them."
- Terry S.

Made Us Feel Comfortable

"I got bids from 4 different local pool companies but felt most comfortable with the people of Anthony & Sylvan. I was very wowed by their advances in technology when it came to the pools themselves. We had a free form, salt water pool made. One of the things that I'm excited about is the in-floor, cleaning system, where it does not require me to have to vacuum the pool or get out there with all the hoses. I have a Polaris swimming around the pool, keeping it clean. It makes it very low maintenance. The project manager is also very detail-oriented and certainly always had my best interest in the forefront, which I was very thankful for. I'm excited about the addition of the outdoor living space, the ability to entertain for my kids and their friends, and for my wife and me as well. It's transformed our backyard and our outdoor living environment."
- Chris C.

Fantastic Customer Service

"I found Anthony & Sylvan online but their name was familiar. Iメve gotten kind of a local quote as well, and they were pretty similar, but I just felt comfortable going with a bigger name, and Tom was the main reason. The salesman made me feel very comfortable. And he did a lot of work putting together a quote. They built me a new pool in the deck. Itメs a brand new in-ground pool with a spa. Well, the uniqueness of the situation was the fact that I was in California at the time. We were moving here to Texas. And so I wasnメt on site for a lot of the building of the pool and that made me very nervous. But Tom, the rep that handled it, walked me through the whole process and they made a very scary situation of not being here while they were building a pool very easy by communicating. I would say it was fantastic customer service! situation of not being here while they were building a pool very easy by communicating. I would say it was fantastic customer service! "
- Alexander X.

Wonderful Experience

"I found Anthony & Sylvan online and chose them because of salesman that came out. I was very comfortable with the how it was presented and with the overall information. Something just felt right about going with them. They built a new in-ground pool with a deck and retaining wall. My favorite feature is the water sheer and overall aesthetic look of it.The whole process was very positive! They came out in their design phase, didn't try to push something that they wanted but took from our free form design and then gave us other options and ideas that we integrated in. They worked with me on additional drainage concerns. The whole process was actually very smooth. Their subcontractor was very professional, no issues at all. When they said they were going to be there, they were there. There weren't really any delays that were unforeseeable for bad weather or things like that. They kept in constant contact on the whole process. My experience with Anthony & Sylvan was wonderful!I found Anthony & Sylvan online and chose them because of salesman that came out. I was very comfortable with the how it was presented and with the overall information. Something just felt right about going with them. They built a new in-ground pool with a deck and retaining wall. My favorite feature is the water sheer and overall aesthetic look of it."
- Guy H.

In-Ground Swimming Pool Installation

"I first heard about Anthony & Sylvan from an ad in one of the home magazines. They provided me a swimming pool. It's concrete. It's salt. The design is my favorite feature about my new pool. Overall great experience."
- Brandy D.

In-Ground Pool Builder With Everything I Wanted

"I did an online search and Anthony & Sylvan had everything I wanted. I had them put a concrete, granite pool in Chlorine and the hot tub in. I like everything about my pool. Their reps were very professional and stood by what they did. They always answered the phone when I called and they showed up and they said they were going to. "
- Clinton F.

Above and Beyond

"We got a new pool installed by Anthony & Sylvan. It was a concrete pool. The planning was with Jason and he did a great job working with us to figure out exactly what we needed. He actually come out after we decided on a design and spray painted it out and at that point, we decided that we wanted it a little bit bigger so we he went back and it was no problem for him and worked up a new quote and came back out and re-spray painted it and we approved it and it was exactly what we wanted. Jeff, his brother was actually the construction manager, the superintendent for the job and he went above and beyond with everything that he did.All the contractors that we used were great except for the tile guys. They could use some improvement. It seems that it took them longer to do anything than it did for everything else that happened put together, but we were still done in 4 weeks from start to finish and Jeff still comes back out occasionally or I get a phone call from Jason and they're always following up to make sure that I'm happy with what I have and I'm always happy to have people come out and take a look at it to see what they did. It's been a really good experience so far. It was a great experience. The design worked with us every step of the way and the construction went smoothly and I'm very happy with the end result."
- Christopher K.

Strong Referrals. Awesome Pool Builder

"I was looking for a good pool builder and I was referred to Anthony & Sylvan by a friend. I got a chlorine-type concrete pool installed. My favorite thing about the pool is that itメs cool, wet, fun... It has just got it all. It's got a sun deck which is enjoyable to lie out on and the hot tub. It's got some cool feature to it. Overall, I had an awesome experience with Anthony & Sylvan. Jeff from the team is a great guy. He worked hard to make sure that you're happy. "
- Danny C.

Excellent, Recommended In-Ground Pool Builder

"A friend of mine who had an Anthony & Sylvan pool recommended them to me. I had them build me a new chlorine, concrete in-ground pool with a diving board. The salesman I dealt with was excellent. He answered all questions and if there were ever concerns, he came out and dealt with it personally. They were very receptive and responsive when I asked them questions. Overall, I had an excellent experience with them. "
- Sharon C.

Great Experience

"I heard about Anthony & Sylvan from a friend of ours who works with them. They put a new pool in my backyard. Nothing fancy about it, itメs just a nice place to get wet. Everything weメve done with them, weメve had great experience with everybody we dealt with. They were very knowledgeable, on time, and everything looks perfect. It was a great experience. I have nothing but good things to say. "
- Tina B.

Good Pool Building Experience

"We just built our first pool with Anthony & Sylvan of Austin,Texas Aaron Dumas was the design consultant/salesperson that came to our home and explained the process, pool options, equipment,etc. He was very professional and was not a pushy salesperson. He provided superior customer service all throughout the pool building process. He never passed us off to anyone, but rather he remained a part of the team that had our pool built. It is beautiful and we are very happy. "
- Emily W.

Definitely Recommend Them

"We thought about having a pool for one or two years now. I looked up Anthony & Sylvan online and saw their background and reviews. Our pool is a seven foot kidney-shaped one with a space back in there, but with no spa. We had a little delay because of the rain but other than that, there were no problems. The pool looks nice and is easy to maintain. I've had it for three quarters of a year now. I liked that the kids have fun and get busy in it during the summer. If I have a friend who would want a pool, I'd definitely recommend them. "
- Richard S.

Austin, Texas

"I found Anthony & Sylvan online but their name was familiar. I’ve gotten kind of a local quote as well, and they were pretty similar, but I just felt comfortable going with a bigger name, and Tom was the main reason. The salesman made me feel very comfortable. And he did a lot of work putting together a quote. They built me a new pool in the deck. It’s a brand new in-ground pool with a spa. Well, the uniqueness of the situation was the fact that I was in California at the time. We were moving here to Texas. And so I wasn’t on site for a lot of the building of the pool and that made me very nervous. But Tom, the rep that handled it, walked me through the whole process and they made a very scary situation of not being here while they were building a pool very easy by communicating. I would say it was fantastic customer service!" | Alexander X. in Austin, TX    

Pool Renovation - Texas - SW

“Thank you for working with us to make my daughter's graduation party a great success. The pool looks wonderful. I have had numerous comments, all positive. Thanks again!”
- S.W.

Pool Renovation - Texas - SW

"Thank you for working with us to make my daughter's graduation party a great success. The pool looks wonderful. I have had numerous comments, all positive. Thanks again!"
- S.W.

Very, Very Happy With A&S

"Anthony & Sylvan Pools was recommended by a friend of ours, and there were several reasons why we chose them -- It was professionalism during the first interview, and the price to quality factor was very, very good. Our pool is rectangular, simple and very modern. It got travertine edging and has a tanning ledge, and a little bit deeper ledge for sitting down on one other side. It has a three-foot shallow end and a six-foot deep end. My favorite thing about the pool is the way it makes our whole house look better. It completes the house. We have a social area in the back for kids and the dogs, and you don't have to stay in to have people over. We have three kids, and the pool is more for them and having them at home, instead of going off to other people's houses. Having them bring their friends into our house and be able to have a good time. We're most enjoying and looking forward to being able to have friends, family, and the kids' friends over because of this pool. Our project manager gets along great with all of his work people who are mostly Mexican, and we are Mexican as well. So he was always available, always answered whatever messages or concerns that we had during calls or texts, got back to us very, very quickly, and understood our problems. If we had something that was a little bit out of his league, he would help us get it to the proper person in Anthony & Sylvan to get approval or get changed. So we're very, very happy with that communication we had. At the beginning, the design consultant was also very, very accommodating. "
- Jacinto E.

Awesome to Work With

"I've wanted a pool for a couple of years. Someone in my neighborhood used Anthony & Sylvan Pools before, so we decided to give it a try. Ours does not have a spa; it's a rectangle with three scuppers along the back on a higher wall as a water feature. The thing I like about it is the color of the water because a certain bottom, like a pebble tech thing that goes on the bottom to make the water a really pretty Caribbean color. The project manager and the scheduling team were awesome to work with. Most everything was done was scheduled or even before it was scheduled, so we were very pleased with the progress of it. It went fast. We really haven't gotten to use it because it was finished in September of last year, so maybe we got to use it once or twice. Just relaxing days in the pool, when the water warms up. "
- Alison I.

Came Recommended and I'd Recommend Them

"A friend referred us to Anthony & Sylvan. Our pool is a rectangular one with a spa and a sun shelf. We like everything about it and we really enjoy the spa. We were hesitant in getting it but it's definitely made our pool usable year-round. But now that it's summer, we're glad to have the pool. It's nice and refreshing. We like the sun shelf a whole lot too. Anthony & Sylvan were always pretty much on schedule and very responsive to any questions or concerns that we had. I'd recommend them. "
- Julie M.

My Dream Pool

"Anthony and Sylvan Pools helped me create my dream pool and spa during the summer of 2013. I contacted several pool companies to start my interview process. Out of the three I selected to have personal visits and interviews, Anthony & Sylvan was by far the best choice. My consultant, Phil Kinney, was prompt and full of ideas to complete my design. Phil was a great communicator who led me through the initial process. A big factor in my decision to select Anthony & Sylvan as my builder was their warranty process. Smaller builders could not touch the warranty A&S offered. Please pay close attention to potential costs while building as well as future repairs when you're searching for your builder. If something goes wrong during the construction process like a hurricane that causes the excavation to fail, you're likely going to be on the hook with most companies. Another concern when dealing with smaller companies is handling trades who may go unpaid. This can be a major headache if they file a mechanic's lien on your home. Because A&S is a national company and use the same subcontractors year-round, this was not an issue. Again, because they are a national company, Anthony and Sylvan offered me discounts on some of the higher end features I wanted for my pool. I believe I received more for my money. We built during the height of the season. Our building time, even with HOA delays and the busy time of year, was still reasonable. My only regret is not building it several years sooner! Since installation, we've had only minor issues that were addressed through the warranty department. Our pool and spa are gorgeous and very low maintenance. "
- Diane L.


"A friend of mine recently had a swimming pool built. We liked their pool and they referred us to Anthony & Sylvan. We had a concrete one installed. We were impressed by everyone involved. "
- Jamie F.

Anthony and Sylvan Pools do not keep their promises to fix the problems with their pools.

"I had multiple problems with the pool Anthony and Slyvan built. The pool was built in May 2014 and had a crack in June 2014. It is January 2015 and the crack line is still there. The leak was repaired but the crack line which is about 4 feet is not. They are terrible in responding to the service calls. I had many problems with the pool and it was continuous calls to get them to fix the issues. I still have some electrical problems too. I would not recommend them at all.."
- Nihal G.

Great Company to work with. They follow and fix issues with the build.

"Overall our experience with A&S Pool has been excellent. We had an issue with the Plaster graying and they re-did the pool and it looks awesome. We also had a minor issue with the pool light and they fixed that in a timely fashion."
- Rick C.

Happy Happy Happy

"I cannot say enough how great your crews and staff have been during the construction of our new pool. Jeff our salesman has been by our side from the very first meeting and I absolutely love Clint Black as the Project Manager. Our experience with Anthony & Sylvan has been nothing but positive and we recommend everyone give you guys the opportunity to build their dream pool. The pool you have built for our family exceeds our expectations and we are a happy happy family. Thank you Amy for your SUPER scheduling abiities and your outstanding customer service. The Anthony & Sylvan family is now an important part of our own family. YOU GUYS ROCK!"
- Vanessa T.

Beautiful Pool

"My first meeting with the design consultant Jason was wonderful! He looked at my available area for a pool and put together a beautiful design that incorporated much of my existing landscaping. He listened to me and how I would use the pool mostly for relaxing and cooling off in the summer. My Labrador retriever would be in the pool a lot as well. Not only do I have a fabulous pool with many ledges of varying depths, I also have a waterfall, a bubbler and a HOT TUB! My construction manager Jeff was wonderful as well! He is very knowledgeable and explained things in simpler terms to me when needed. I didn't realize how many phases of pool construction were involved, but Jeff kept to a tight schedule and had complete control over the process...........despite the numerous RAIN/WET days. He was in constant communication with me and available when I needed to discuss an issue or make a change. "
- Mercedes G.

Fantastic Pool Builder

"Anthony & Sylvan put in a pool and decking for us. They did the granite. Sean was the sales rep that we dealt with. He listened to what it was we were looking for and incorporated a landscape of the backyard as we needed it, and he really came out with a plan that encaptured what it is that we were hoping to find. Jeff took over after that as the construction lead and updated us with the schedule. They stayed on schedule. We had a couple of hiccups that he corrected quickly, and he answered any concerns that we had within hours. It was fantastic."
- James A.

Enjoying Our Pool

"We recently hired Anthony & Sylvan Pools to build our swimming pool. While we had a few issues during construction, ultimately all of our concerns/issues were positively resolved. Construction is now completed and we're enjoying the finished pool."
- David A.

Outstanding Pool Builder

"My experience with Anthony & Sylvan was great and the final result was outstanding. I was very pleased with all of the crews and the quality of the workmanship. I chose Anthony & Sylvan because I wanted to go with a company that would stand behind their work and I was glad I made that decision. During pool construction, we did have a problem with the coping but that's where I was most pleased with my choice of A&S. They stood behind their work and decided the problem needed to be corrected and removed and re-installed the coping. It was a pleasure working with everyone on my team at A&S as well. I highly recommend them."
- Matthew K.

Professional Pool Company

"We bought the house two years ago and the pool was installed. We had the whole surface of the pool re-plastered by Anthony & Sylvan. There were two teams that came: one that came initially did the preparation, and then a second team came and did the actual plastering. They both were very, very professional and very careful, and I enjoy their work. It was an awesome experience. They were very knowledgeable and very fast."
- Frederick Y.

Responsive Pool Builder

"I was satisfied with the new concrete in-ground pool installation that Anthony & Sylvan did for us. The salesman was great. Whenever we had any problems or questions, he always got right back to me."
- Mrs B.

Best Around for Decades

"My pool was built by Anthony & Sylvan 25-30 years ago when I found out that they were the best in the field. So when it was time to renovate my pool, I had them again. They did the retiling and recoping. Everything was nice. The sales rep came to the house and explained everything in detail - the time frame, the cost involved - and we signed up on the spot. The renovation made my pool look more up-to-date. It looks like a new pool and very modern in appearance."
- Peter G.

Professional & Capable Pool Builder

"The A&S team is professional & capable. This undertaking requires a large team of professionals, and a fair investment of time to purchase, then coordinate the installation, the opening in spring, then sadly, the closing in the all. After researching different types of pools and talking to a number of salespeople, we were convinced that A&S was the best choice for a gunnite pool and spa with heater. The salesperson and the person who coordinated the team were knowledgeable and precise, installers were professional, careful and capable in each phase, the person who did our opening, and the people who did the closing were professional, thorough and capable, almost like pool "scientists". I felt like a confident pool owner after working with them... plus these people made themselves avail. for questions after they left. Customer service calls for general questions went well. I would highly recommend Anthony & Sylvan. We have an 8 & 7 year old. We love our pool. Installed in the fall, then open & filled in the spring, it was an exciting weekend when we finally opened it!"
- Patricia K.

Going on 30 Years

"We had a 28 year old Sylvan pool which had provided many years of fun for the family. It was finally showing its age and we wanted to have the surface replastered. After getting a few estimates we decided to go with Anthony & Sylvan and were very pleased with the results. Our pool looks brand new again! They were on time, on budget and provided excellent craftsmanship."
- Clare B.

Spectacular Swimming Pool Renovation

"We had a Sylvan pool. Then when we passed on Route 22, we saw Anthony & Sylvan. I said, モOh, I wonder if thatメs the same pool people.ヤ And thatメs when I called. They redid the plaster, tiling and coping, basically the whole pool. Interactions with the Anthony & Sylvan team was positive. They came on time and were very efficient. They finished in 4 days they said they would. Everything turned out well. Weメre really pleased with them. Spectacular! "
- Peggy L.

Exceptional Pool Builder

"Anthony & Sylvan did the pool, hot tub, waterfall and decking and it is so beautiful! They were very professional and provided exceptional follow-up. They were all very knowledgeable but the one that really stands out is Bob. He was a great sales guy. He put together the plan, architecture, initial recommendation and the designs. Trevor, the project management side of the house, came out and was here all the time - through the entire sales as well as the project management process, including post-implementations. He always took calls on his cell phone and helped you with additional questions regarding the whole process. The experience was exceptional - excellence to detail, quality product, and delivered on time - nothing but great things."
- David G.

Very Happy With Our Pool

"We were very satisfied with the services of Anthony & Sylvan. They were very accommodating with all our inquiries and requests. We have one of their pools. It was there when we bought the house. It was 15 years old and needed to be refurbished. They renovated the whole area. I had a positive interaction with the team led by Ron. He was very helpful and explained what needed to be done and basically interacted with us during the whole process. We were very happy."
- Martin C.


"I wanted to choose a pool builder that had been around for a long, long time because pool companies come and go here and there were three. Anthony & Sylvan was the one we liked. We believed the salesman and trusted him. He always kept his appointments and we were always able to get a hold of him when we needed to. The price was good. The work was absolutely terrific. Every subcontractor came on time. We had no problems at all. Everything was done right and very, very quickly too.They built it in about 5 or 6 weeks. It would have been faster except it rained here which put them off for a few days. Other than that, it was very fast and we're very happy. I like everything about the pool. The deck is beautiful. They painted it two-tone. It's great. We have not been able to swim in it yet because it's not warm enough yet but it looks good. Interactions with them were all positive. We had reservations when we first started interviewing people as we had heard horror stories about pool companies in general and none of those came to pass. They are awesome."
- Irene M.


"We have a beautiful new free form pool and a spa connected to it installed by Anthony & Sylvan. I was doing a search in the area of the highest rated pool company and contacted four different companies and they were the only one that called me back. We had a lot of concrete so they had to remove the concrete decking and they re-concreted and pool decked. There was a lot of input from us. They left it up to us what we wanted to do so we have a lounging deck in the pool and we picked the tile and everything so it matches our landscaping perfectly.Don was our sales coordinator and you can just tell the experience he's had coming out... He's been doing it for years. He was able to answer every question we had prior to signing any paperwork and then Skye was our project manager and he was out at the beginning of any new vendor coming out to do work. So the first time the excavators came out, he was out here and also when the first time the concrete guys came out. He made sure that everybody was doing what they were supposed to do. He was on top of it. It was excellent service all around.We have a beautiful new free form pool and a spa connected to it installed by Anthony & Sylvan. I was doing a search in the area of the highest rated pool company and contacted four different companies and they were the only one that called me back. We had a lot of concrete so they had to remove the concrete decking and they re-concreted and pool decked. There was a lot of input from us. They left it up to us what we wanted to do so we have a lounging deck in the pool and we picked the tile and everything so it matches our landscaping perfectly."
- Michelle W.

Extremely Professional

"Mr. Don Sabino was excellent in designing the perfect pool and hot tub for my backyard. Mr. Skye DuCreay was awesome as the project manager. A&S was excellent in communicating with me through all the stages of construction. The whole process took about 8 weeks from start to finish. For 8 weeks basically your yard will be a construction zone. I would highly recommend building the pool in the winter months rather than spring or summer. A&S did a fantastic job cleaning up and when the pool was completed you would never know it was a construction zone. Over all I highly recommend A&S if you plan on building a pool. They were extremely professional and they are by far the most reputable pool builder in Las Vegas."
- Barry D.

All Together Excellent

"Anthony & Sylvan built my pool and spa. All together excellent. The project manager, Skye, is on the ball and on time. Great follow up with everything. Everything turned out better than planned and am very happy with the results.There were a few minor issues along the way but dealt with very quickly with a positive result. If you go with colored plaster know ahead of time it will not be perfect in the finish. I went with a gray color which gives deep blue water tone. But, in the wet deck area it shows as gray since it is shallow. The finish is not perfect and looks more like the bottom of the ocean than a pool. If you are looking for a perfect finish then this color may not be for you. At first the finish bothered me but has grown on me and now would not have it any other way. It gets complements on how different the finish looks and the color of the water in the deeper section. My original cost was $54,000. But thanks to Mr Caliche it jacked the price up the additional $6k. I had to check for myself and yes it was harder than cement. If you are putting it into a very new home you can find out from your builder if they hit it while putting in the foundation or drive way maybe. Mine was hit in the first run with the hydraulic breaker on the bobcat. Would go with them again in a heart beat."
- Stephan G.

Knowledgeable Pool Builder

"I had a friend that used the Anthony & Sylvan about 5 or 6 yrs ago to get her pool installed and I just like the design. They did a brand new installation for us, a concrete, chlorine pool. My favorite feature about our new pool is the hot tub. I also got a sheer waterfall and thatメs pretty much it. I got a two tone pool deck. The only unsatisfactory thing about that is the color. I wasnメt real fond of the color.What I like about Anthony & Sylvan is the quickness of the project, how fast the project was performed and if I had any questions, they were quick to respond back to any questions I had. And the great thing about it is they stood behind their work. I would recommend them to a friend. Iメd say theyメre knowledgeable and true to their word because they told me 4 weeks and it was exactly 4 weeks which is in my opinion pretty outstanding to put in a pool.I had a friend that used the Anthony & Sylvan about 5 or 6 yrs ago to get her pool installed and I just like the design. They did a brand new installation for us, a concrete, chlorine pool. My favorite feature about our new pool is the hot tub. I also got a sheer waterfall and thatメs pretty much it. I got a two tone pool deck. The only unsatisfactory thing about that is the color. I wasnメt real fond of the color."
- Russ B.

Excellent Experience Outstanding Service

"Mr. Don Sabino: Though this letter is coming to you later than I had hoped, it is no less sincere in its intent and content in conveying our utmost delight and appreciation for all you and your crews did in getting our beautiful pool installed. The timeliness of the project, adhering to the estimated timetables, your constant availability and presence, the professionalism of the crews - from the rough-in to the tile work to the decking, to final, all was as promised; professional, correct and most of all On time and budget.. We especially appreciate the extra time given to the decision to blend the pool layout with our house dimensions and existing decking. The outcome is beautiful and ties in brilliantly with the house.A special thanks go to your Superintendent, Skye DuCreay. Being in the construction industry myself, expectations were very high for management of the project. I am very happy to state, Mr. DuCreay is an excellent Superintendent and deserves much of the praise for maintaining the schedule through inclement weather and exceeding the demands of a very finicky owner, me. Job well done! The pool adds a whole new dimension to our home and we receive very gracious comments from all our guests as to the look, finish and beauty of the pool. You and your staff have forever changed the lives of our family. To watch our three boys play, smile together and build forever memories is something we all wish for. You helped make that happen. Thank you. If the American dream is to own a home, in Las Vegas it is to own a home with a pool. We are very pleased that our home has a pool from Anthony Sylvan Pools."

The Best Pool Builders Ever

"Anthony & Sylvan made a concrete chlorine pool for us. They were the best ever. Don ** is first rate and his staff did great. He was just outstanding and completely reliable. Everything he said he would do he did. Don designed the pool consistent with our architecture. He listened to what I wanted. It's not a huge pool by any means but it's the perfect type for the yard. The wet deck is so awesome. I hang out there every day. Every night my husband and I are in the wet deck. It's like a little porch in the pool with ankle deep water. You put your chairs in there and you can sit there without having to get a bathing suit on. It was Don's idea and then there's the waterfall so when it's so hot I can look outside and see this little waterfall. The product turned out great. We could not live here in the desert without a pool. It's beautiful. "
- Sue H.

2nd Anthony & Sylvan Pool

"We got a new pool because we moved and bought a different house. It was done very quickly and on a timely manner. We had Anthony & Sylvan before so we got them again. We got the salt-type concrete pool. As for the features, the only thing different in this pool from the last pool was I didn't have a wet deck. The deck is kind of nice. I also got a table on this one. We were happy with our experience with the team. We have some issues with the pool experience but then they were able to mostly get everything taken care of."
- Steve P.

Professional In-Ground Pool Builder

"Built an in ground pool for us. Pricey but we got what we wanted. Remote control, extra waterfalls, salt water unit, spa. Slow at first especially with local permits and such. But once started moved along fairly promptly. The workers were all professionals in thier jobs, hard working even in the hot desert heat. Overall the pool is great and we love it and enjoy it everyday."
- Terry S.

Professional & Trustworthy Pool Builder

"My sister had a pool done by Anthony & Sylvan so I purchased a concrete pool from them. I had the salt chlorinated pool and I'm very happy with it. They were very professional and we really enjoyed our design team. The guy we had was fantastic. They're a trusted pool builder that we will work with again. "
- Aaron H.

Wonderful Pool Builder

"Our experience with Anthony & Sylvan was wonderful. I was referred by a friend. The most positive interaction I had was with the project manager. He was a pleasure to work with, informed on the next step, when the various phases and contractors doing those various phases were going to be here and kept the construction timeline very tight. And I love the shape of the pool."
- Brian A.

Pays Attention to the Details

"We purchased a concrete chlorine pool from Anthony & Sylvan as they were recommended by my pool designer, Daniel. Their attention to detail was incredible. We were able to adjust a few things, aesthetically as well as operationally, and all of our needs were met. The project manager, Sky, was above anybody I've ever worked with. He's incredible. I'm a real estate agent here in Vegas and I do a lot of new homes built, so I've worked with quite a few general contractors over the past six years, including our own house, when I built this from the ground up, and I haven't had any project manager as detail-oriented as he was and chronologically just went exactly to the day and sometimes to the hour that he said it was going to be. It's a beautiful design, beautiful product and great company to work with. I'm extremely happy that I chose them and went with them because they have otherwise had a reputation of being a little bit more higher priced than some other pool builders here; however, I believe in this specific situation, paying a little bit more was well worth it and it shows greatly in every step of the way. "
- Craig W.

Terrific Pool Builder

"Anthony & Sylvan was recommended by the developer of the area that we bought our house. They were great. From the consultations for building the pool, the design of the pool to the actual construction of the pool, they were terrific, very helpful and very knowledgeable. They worked with our time frame because we had some very specific time frames where work had to be done or couldn't be done. They worked very well with us. It's a terrific job. They were consultative and professional."
- Mark P.

Great Pool Builder, Great Attention to Detail

"Built pool and spa with waterfall from spa to pool. Included all cool deck surrounding the pool.The workers of all trades were very prompt and professional. Great attention to detail. Project manager always kept us informed and was responsive to our many questions. Pool was finished on time with no hidden charges. State of the art, remote controlled filter, pump and spa. Very energy efficient."
- George H.

Personal Service & Attention to Detail

"Anthony & Sylvan were outstanding. They gave us a great design, held to schedule and price, and delivered a beautiful backyard setting. They were slightly more expensive than two other bids, but the personal service, attention to detail, and follow through even at the bid and design stage were so good there was no question who we would use. When doing a $35,000 pool and patio, a reliable vendor is more important than a few dollars on the price. They listened, they performed, and they kept us informed every step of the way. We recommend Anthony & Sylvan to anyone- ANYONE - considering building a pool."
- Paul H.

Would Definitely Hire Them Again

"Constructed in-ground swimming pool and concrete patio surround. Everything went as promised...on time, high quality. I would definitely use them again for a similar pool project."
- Gary G.

Best Pool Construction Standards Around

"Anthony Sylvan does great work and has a tight handle on their subcontractors. Their construction standards are about 3 levels above their peers. They went above and beyond for me clearing some pine tree root $@!#% out of my yard. They are not the cheapest in town, but you get what you pay for."
- John M.

Recommended to Friends

"I've been wanting a pool ever since I moved into the house so I got a 40 x 8 lap pool with a fountain from Anthony & Sylvan Pools. I found them on Angieメs List and based on the reviews, they came out on top. I took three bids and theirs was by far the best. The project manager and the scheduling team were both wonderful. Being able to get in the pool is what I enjoy most and it's been a little cold here. I've recommended them to friends."
- Michelle P.

We Enjoy Everything About Our Pool

"We chose Anthony & Sylvan because our builder had recommended them and we got a discount from the builder if we used them. Our pool is a geometric type. A rectangle with an elevated spa that has an infinity edge to it. We love the spa and the looks. The LED lighting is beautiful at night. And we love the quality of the pool and the design that our salesperson came up with. We enjoy everything about it. We enjoy using the spa on cold nights and afternoons and also in the summer afternoons to keep us cool and for the kids to play in and for gathering with friends. And we have a deck in which we can play games. It serves many purposes. The project manager was always in contact, giving us updates as to when certain people were going to be coming, when a portion of the process would be done. Anytime we had any issues, they had, within a day or so, send someone out here to get everything taken care of. He also expeditiously gets back to me whenever we have issues and questions."
- Matt V.

Most Professional Pool Builder With the Most Options

"Anthony & Sylvan was recommended by the builder and I called around to several local companies in Las Vegas, and they seemed to be the most professional with the most options. I have a spa that I designed with another person and it's very geometric, but it has some nuances to it. My favorite thing about it is that it's low maintenance. The project manager was amazing. I didn't have to call him and he always called me to let me know what was going on every step of the way, and there were no surprises. If I did have any issues, he was immediately on it and remedied whatever issue I had. Now I enjoy being able to use it in warm weather and I've already recommended Anthony & Sylvan to someone."
- Sharon S.

Absolutely Beautiful Pool and Spa

"They installed a new pool. Everything went perfectly. Bob Mertel and Skye Ducreay exceeded all my expectations. They built a pool and spa which has a tanning ledge and grotto. From start to finish scheduling went very smoothly. The completed project is absolutely beautiful. I would highly recommend Anthony & Sylvan Pools. They completed the project ahead of schedule which is unheard of in Las Vegas."
- Edward M.

Awesome, Awesome, Awesome

"Anthony & Sylvan built an awesome pool and deck. The entire process was very simple! Bob Mertel was our sales associate, he was awesome! He answered every phone call and text. He was very patient. He had everything ready to go once I was ready. Once I said go Skye, the site superintendent, was on it!! The pool would've literally been done in 4 weeks if my landscaper hadn't held things up. Skye was awesome! He returned all phones calls, text and emails. He even kept an eye on my house while I was out of town and gave me updates! I would totally use them again and I highly recommend them! I got 4 quotes and they were all comparable but I liked everything from the pool design to the ease of the process with Anthony & Sylvan. It was also important to know Anthony & Sylvan have been in business for so many years and have a good reputation and can stand behind their work! I highly recommend them!!"
- Stacy T.

Creative Experts

"We chose Anthony & Sylvan after consulting three different pool companies. We felt that they offered the best design and value. We have a free form pool with a spa that had a wet-deck with a bubbler and an elevated water feature. The designer was very thorough. We appreciated not only his expertise but his creativity with the design. Right now, my favorite thing about the pool is the deck with bubbler. My two-year-old daughter absolutely loves it. I'm looking forward to the entertainment it will bring my children for years."
- Chris G.

Perfect Backyard Oasis

"I wanted a swimming pool for two years. I was initially engaged to another pool company, and in the course of conversation with the other guy, he brought up some other companies in the area and I noted them down. I called around these other companies and asked for quotes, and that's how I found Anthony & Sylvan Pools. I looked them up online and liked the website. My current pool is a pool-spa combo. It's free-form. I designed it the way I wanted it and it came out perfect. I like the quality of the equipment that was put in. It was very good. Summer's almost here so I'm really looking forward to using it, definitely going to enjoy it. Although there were hiccups along the way, they always handled everything really quickly for me and addressed all my concerns very thoroughly. They're a good company to work with and I'm very happy with them."
- John M.

Lived Up to Their Reputation

"I've wanted a pool since December of last year so I did an online search for best pool builders in the Last Vegas local and came across Anthony & Sylvan since they had the highest rated consumer satisfaction. **, my project manager helped us along with getting the right style and the right type of pool in our backyard. He jotted down my requirements that I had a large enough pool that I could do laps in and a hot tub area that you could go ahead and relax, and a water feature. He also mentioned about having a wet deck so we incorporated that into the design. Initially, I didn't have any idea what I wanted in the pool until I sat down with ** and the more we jotted things, the better I liked it. The pool was a perfect rectangle with a six-foot wet deck area that extended off the pool. The scheduling team did a prompt service, guaranteed their work, and notified me of any changes. ** was the contact person I had once the pool got started and he was great. He would send us emails and come out frequently to see what was going on. If we had questions or concerns, we could either call or text him. Though he was overseeing many pools at the time, he answered his cellphone whenever I called which was great. The two of them were wonderful and collaborated very well on this whole project so I am very pleased with them. I have recommended Anthony and Sylvan pool saying that they're not the cheapest pool company but you do get what you pay for and we had several people that have had nothing but problems with pool companies but not with Anthony and Sylvan. They finished the pool on schedule without any issues and everything worked properly. Even to this day, I've been using the pool considerably for doing laps. If I have questions with regards to the pool, ** is there or he would call me back. I've been very happy with the customer service that I received before, during, and even post, now that the pool is on the ground and my wife and I are enjoying it. "
- Charles L.

Everything We Wanted

"We had a pool where we previously lived. When we moved, the backyard was bare so we knew we wanted to build a pool. We just like being outdoors, having gatherings with family and friends. So we got a new pool with Anthony & Sylvan since they were the only ones that never cancelled their appointment with us, always responded by email, and they had a cheaper rate than the other provider. We like the design that we did with them - the waterfall and the patio that we decided on. This was our opportunity to actually design and build our own pool, that's what was fun about it. We got everything we wanted within the price range we wanted to work in. I never met the project manager since we work, only our daughter met him once. But the beauty of it was that they use technology and they were able to keep us abreast. ** would take pictures if they were here today and report to us of things that happened as well as ask for our inputs. I'd contact him back through email and we talk by phone - I never felt that I didn't have any contact with the person or the work was out of control. Everything just went really, really smoothly. "
- Terry E.

Impressive Pool Builder

"We just relocated from one part of Henderson to another part and we had a pool in our other home. Once we moved we wanted to build another one because we wanted a pool. 15 years ago when we moved into the area and we wanted to build a pool for our first house, I went to Anthony & Sylvan. And basically interviewed them to see what kind of options were available, what the cost would be, and how their program works. I was not at all happy with what happened at that time and as a result I did not go with them. This time around when we wanted to build a pool again, I went back to Anthony & Sylvan to see if there was anything new or different about what they were doing. I was dealing with three different contractors, pool contractors and designers. And of the three I interviewed I was most impressed with what Anthony & Sylvan had to offer currently. I was particularly pleased, as was my wife, with the sales representative and the guy that did the design for them. He listened to what we wanted and then within a few short days he had a couple of drawings for us to take a look. It was exactly what we wanted and we decided that we would go with Anthony & Sylvan this time. The design process was probably one of the most significant aspects of the entire experience. Understanding what we want, drafting it out, given us time to review it, revising the draft based on our comments. And the guy understood clearly what we wanted and he gave us clearly what we wanted. And that was good. During the installation they assigned a project manager and my wife and I were actually out of town for the whole period of time that the pool was being built. My daughter-in-law was my representative on the site. And she interfaced directly with them. There were a couple of things that were outstanding about that relationship. One is everybody was extraordinarily polite, considerate. Two, all of her questions were answered promptly and thoroughly. Three, the guys cleaned up their mess at the end of each work day. Four, they kept her up to date on progress. If there was going to be a delay with anything, they let her know. The project manager responded to all phone calls and emails in a timely manner. And everybodyメs attitude was very positive for the most part. The only thing was the project manager at the very end after the pool was in and we had just some post construction items, the punch list. He was busy doing other things and it took us an inordinate amount of time to get those pretty small tasks completed. But everything happened up until the very end when we were waiting just for a few things like some of the concrete had not been stained properly and they had to come back out to fix that. It was just a couple of little things."
- Tom H.

Very good experience

"Anthony and Sylvan Pools remodeled and refurbished my pool. They took out the tile and old plaster and re-tiled and re-plastered the pool. The work crews were very good. They were very efficient. They came when they said they were going to come.I had one bad experience which was no fault of theirs. They told me to fill the pool after they left and as soon as it was filled to turn on the filter pump to circulate the water in the pool. They did not foresee that one of the major pool lines had a leak so the water was very rapidly depleted. So I was left with having not any water in the pool. That's not their fault that I had a leak. I don't know what they could have done to prevent that. They brought equipment over to help out with the situation. It was a lot of phone calls and aggravation, but now everything is fine. I did call them a couple of weeks ago that the pool lights weren't working properly. They sent someone over to fix them. I'm not sure if that was their responsibility, but they fixed it anyway. My experience has been very good. I would recommend Anthony and Sylvan.Anthony and Sylvan Pools remodeled and refurbished my pool. They took out the tile and old plaster and re-tiled and re-plastered the pool. The work crews were very good. They were very efficient. They came when they said they were going to come."
- Jason F.

My Pretty Pool

"Our pool looks pretty and I like the tile on it. Itメs pretty good! We had no issues from beginning to endナ Everything was pretty much on target like they had told us. The project manager, Harold, was great. He was very informative and I felt like he knew what he was doing - I felt comfortable with him. It was a good experience with Anthony & Sylvan and I would also recommend them to a friend. "
- Laura B.

Going on 30 Years

"We had a granite pool installed by Anthony back in 1986. And our neighbor across the street had some work done on her pool. My wife said, モWho did it?ヤ They said, モAnthony.ヤ My neighbor across the street is just very thorough with getting estimates and costs and all that stuff. When we called the company, a salesman came over. We liked what we heard. And they are familiar with the construction that I wanted. So I chose Anthony because I had already used them in the past and my neighbor had a very good experience. They renovated the pool. Itメs a granite pool so they had to remove the coping, the tiles, plaster. They put in the steel pipes and the concrete. Itメs a brand new pool.Both my wife and I had extraordinarily positive experience with one of their employees. Her name is Pam **. Sheメs the renovations coordinator. We mustメve asked her a zillion questions via the phone or email. She got back to us in an extraordinarily timely fashion, always with a smile on her face. What I expected, they exceeded a little bit more.We had a granite pool installed by Anthony back in 1986. And our neighbor across the street had some work done on her pool. My wife said, モWho did it?ヤ They said, モAnthony.ヤ My neighbor across the street is just very thorough with getting estimates and costs and all that stuff. When we called the company, a salesman came over. We liked what we heard. And they are familiar with the construction that I wanted. So I chose Anthony because I had already used them in the past and my neighbor had a very good experience. They renovated the pool. Itメs a granite pool so they had to remove the coping, the tiles, plaster. They put in the steel pipes and the concrete. Itメs a brand new pool."
- Mitchell T.

Beautiful Swimming Pool

"AS installed a custom gunite pool with three sheet falls over a natural rock platform down one side of the pool. A Quartz plaster finish with EP Henry coping and a large "Kool Crete" concrete deck back to the house. |We looked at other Angie's list companies but the deciding factor was price and reputation of AS. They were clean (based on past experience building another pool), ontime and the finished product is beautiful. If you're lucky, ask for Harald to manage your project as he rocks!"
- Sean T.

I Only Trust Anthony & Sylvan

"Anthony & Sylvan built my in-ground swimming pool and I only trust Anthony & Sylvan for my water testing as well. They provide great service and are very knowledgeable!"
- Michelle C.

Pool Service & Supplies

"The staff at Anthony & Sylvan's store in Skillman is always very friendly. They have great knowledge about what they do. I've been coming to this store for the last 5 years. Keep up the great work. Thank you!"


"I stopped by Anthony & Sylvan's pool supply store in Skillman today and they provided great customer service! They were very helpful and knowledgeable. Nikki was very outstanding!"
- Clifford S.

They Go Out of Their Way to Help

"I get my pool supplies to take care of my pool from Anthony & Sylvan in Skillman, NJ. The staff here always goes out of their way to take care of me. They make the task of cleaning my pool easy by answering all of my questions!"
- Anthony C.

Great Service

"I get my pool chemicals and supplies the Anthony & Sylvan retail store in Skillman. They have great service!"
- Greg M.

Very Helpful

"I built my pool with Anthony & Sylvan. I stopped by their retail store in Skillman today and received great service. The staff was very helpful and didn't try to oversell me on anything. They were pleasant to deal with throughout. "
- Jeff R.

Great Pool Supply Store

"I stopped in Anthony & Sylvan's retail store in Skillman today. Melissa was very helpful. She provided me with great service and lots of info. "
- Greg M.


"We built our pool with Anthony & Sylvan and we also work with them to service our pool. Frank, our service tech, has become a fixture on Friday mornings. He is excellent and we so appreciate him doing such a great job. He is always friendly, speaks to our grandchildren, and we hope to see him again next spring! "
- Richard P.


"I get my pool chemicals from Anthony & Sylvan's pool supply store in Marlton. They provide great service, have a friendly friendly staff, and they're very professional. They're always very attentive and helpful with all of my pool needs!"
- Sheila B.

Excellent Pool Service

"Anthony & Sylvan was just out to open my in-ground pool for the season. The service techs were very helpful. Job well done!"
- Justus S.

Won't Go Anywhere Else

"Anthony & Sylvan built our pool and I have been coming to this store since it opened. I won't go anywhere else. Although there are pool stores closer to where I live, I keep coming here because of Ryan. He is knowledgeable and is always so helpful with our pool needs!"
- Tricia D.

Excellent Service

"We used A&S to build our pool. We have also used them for supplies and pool service. Our pool tech took his time and answered my questions and explained everything to me. "
- Lisa C.

Very Professional Pool Company

"Anthony & Sylvan put in our swimming pool. They did a very good job and they were very professional."
- Lawrence S.

Fabulous Pool

"Anthony and Sylvan installed an inground pool. Only because of Mother Nature and scheduling of inspections by the town did it become slightly lengthy. In all from start to the town OK of allowing my family and I to swim it was exactly 4 months. The design consultant,Don, was fabulous. He also was up to date on all progress. He himself would bring me back to A&S!"
- Lori P.


"I rely on Anthony & Sylvan for my pool supplies and pool service. Their staff is great. They are always extremely helpful!"
- Ross L.

They Care About the Customer

"I get my pool chemicals from Anthony & Sylvan's pool store in Manalapan Township. Last year was the best year we've had so far enjoying my pool and the cost of chemicals and maintenance required. The Anthony & Sylvan staff really care about their customers."
- Scott C.

Reliable Pool Store

"We have been coming to Anthony & Sylvan Pools store in Manalapan Township for about 3 years or so and everytime we come in, everyone is very knowledgeable and helpful. They always seem to be able to solve our small and big problems."
- Elizabeth T.

Can't Say Enough

"I shop at Anthony & Sylvan's pool store in Montgomeryville. Morgan is an exemplary salesman, pool tech and all-around helpful and knowledgeable store manager. I can't say enough about his respectful and helpful demeanor!"
- Madelyn R.

Very Helpful

"I use Anthony & Sylvan in Manalapan Township for my pool supplies and service. They are always helpful and provide great service. Thank you!!"
- Walter L.

Saved the Day

"I usually use a different pool company, but they were unavailable this week so I tried Anthony & Sylvan in Freehold. Anthony & Sylvan's staff really helped me get a clear pool. Thanks for everything!!"
- Lisa W.

Very Helpful

"I get my pool chemicals from the Englishtown Anthony & Sylvan store. These guys in the store have always been very helpful to me, solving any of my pool problems."
- Paul T.

Always Helpful

"I shop for my pool supplies at the Anthony & Sylvan pool supply store in Manalapan Township and I continue to have an excellent experience. The staff is always very helpful. "
- Larry S.

Over a Decade

"I built my pool with Anthony & Sylvan and I've been coming to the Freehold store for 10+ years now. No matter how bad I treat my pool, their staff always gets me back on the right track again!"
- Joe G.


"We built our pool with Anthony & Sylvan and we buy our pool chemical and supplies from their pool store in Freehold. These guys are great!!"
- Cristina R.

Everything You Need

"I chose Anthony & Sylvan to build our in-ground swimming pool. I also use their retail store for pool supplies. They have everything I need in stock and Morgan is great!"
- Ben R.

Helpful and Knowledgeable

"We've used Anthony & Sylvan for pool service and for pool supplies. Their associates are very helpful and knowledgeable about pool maintenance. "
- Vincent F.


"We built our pool with A&S and we also use them for our pool service and supplies. Their staff is always helpful, they provide reliable service and great pool care instructions."
- Kathy C.

Always a Pleasure

"We used Anthony & Sylvan to build our in-ground pool. We've also used them for our pool supplies. It's always a pleasure shopping at their retail store. All the employees are very helpful and have a full understanding of how pools work, what I need for chemicals, and they are honest and trustworthy."
- Bruce C.


"After a very long winter, my family has been thrilled about the idea of getting a pool. Anthony & Sylvan are building us an inground swimming pool with a tanning ledge and two sheer descents. Lee and his crew were fabulous! The pool looks great and I am so excited! "
- Lori P.

They Took Care of Everything

"They put in new pool and gutted my whole backyard.They took care of my stamped cement and new patio, all the landscaping. everything was timed so perfect.I had no idea what i was doing,so it was a blessing to have Don Sabino handle all."
- Deborah A.

Top Notch, Professional Installation

"They installed a brand new pool. They exhibit top notch professionalism, sits with you, gives good explanations discusses and stays fully in touch with you."
- Mark D.

Excellent Pool Build

"Excellent communication- process of pool installation to date- time schedule kept to date, excellent referrals, living in another state so the contacts interface with a family member who lives in the home- I feel very comfortable letting the pool be built without me present - fabulous interface to date- could not be more pleased!"
- Lorraine D.

Exactly What We Wanted

"When installing the pool they were quick going for the excavation to the stone work and the finishing around the pool and patio. Everything was done right. They worked with my wife and did numerous computer illustrations until she got exactly what she wanted. Part of my pool heater went out. The supplier of the part only had a two year warranty. Anthony had a warranty on the part that was three years. They could have made it more difficult for us, but they made it easy and replaced the part. We had a hard layer of rocks, and they had to bring in a pile driver, and they didnメt charge any extra. They were happy to add in additional features that my wife wanted installed with no problems. The chemicals were eating through the rocks and causing multiple problems and Anthony Sylvyn came out and told us it was the fault of the pool maintenance company so we could get it resolved. They were putting the wrong chemicals in. Don Sabino was the sales person and designer. He was excellent and been following up for years to make sure everything is going alright."
- Thomas T.

Exceed Our Expecations

"Anthony and Sylvan Pools exceeded our expectations. The work was completed on time (we understand that is rare with pool builders) and they communicated with us throughout the entire process. They were very thorough and we knew just what to expect. A few small issues came up and they were corrected immediately. Don was our design/sales consultant and he was very patient with us during the design phase. He came up with great ideas, even pointing out that we could keep a tree we thought we would have to lose. The finished product actually looked like the computer model. They suggested an outdoor fireplace builder, and we were very happy with that referral - that work came out great as well. Don was very funny and easy to deal with. Having your yard turned into a construction site for 7 weeks is not fun, but they made it as tolerable as possible. Our pool is beautiful! I would highly recommend Anthony and Sylvan Pools."
- Jennifer S.

3rd Anthony & Sylvan Pool

"Mitch at Anthony & Sylvan Pools in Nevada is number one. He follows through on everything. He makes sure everything is completed even though he has people that are doing that job on the site. He's honest and trustworthy as far as I know and I've built three pools with them over a period of a year and a half so I've got something to speak from. Obviously, he's their best salesman over there. It's like dealing with somebody that's upfront with you all the time. He's a great guy. I met him a year and a half ago. I was convinced I had to go with them the first pool and then of course after the things that he accomplished on the first one, there was no doubt on the two remaining ones we did this year."
- Dennis L.

Superior Service. Highly Recommend

"Mike and the team at Anthony & Sylvan's Green Brook location are focused on servicing their client's needs. I've used A&S for a renovation and pool supplies and beyond just their knowledge, they excel in providing a superior service to their clients. Highly recommend!"
- Grant W.

Nearly 30 Years

"I've been relying on Anthony & Sylvan in Green Brook for 28 years. They always provide a very good, knowledgeable experience. The store has excellent management and they provide great information."
- Nelson S.

New In-Ground Pool Owner

"I have been using Anthony & Sylvan's pool supply store in Green Brook ever since my pool was built. The store manager, Mike, is very patient and helpful to me, a first time pool owner."
- John N.

So Impressed

"I get my pool supplies and chemicals from Anthony & Sylvan in Green Brook. I am so impressed with Michael's knowledge of pool and water chemistry maintenance. He has been extremely helpful and pleasant! "
- Sondra F.

The Most Knowledgeable

"Anthony & Sylvan built my in-ground swimming pool and I now get my pool supplies from their store in Green Brook. Mike, the store manager, is the most knowledgeable pool guy I know. He is extremely helpful!"
- Jeff O.

Great Customer Service

"I built my pool with Anthony & Sylvan back in 2004. Since then, I've also used them for pool service and supplies. They have great customer service. They always recommend the proper product to assist me with my pool."
- Jose R.

Longtime Pool Owner -- They're the Best

"Over the years, I've used Anthony & Sylvan for all of my pool needs -- from the pool's construction, to service, to a pool renovation and pool supplies. Anthony & Sylvan's Green Brook location is the best. They are extremely helpful. This is the best store for me. I've had lots of questions and needed lots of help with decisions. They are always helpful."
- Carol M.

Excellent for 22 Years

"I have used Anthony & Sylvan for a pool renovation and I have been getting my pool chemicals and supplies from their Green Brook pool store for 22 years. I love the store manager, Mike. He is always pleasant and very helpful!"
- D. Murray

More Than 20 Years

"I have been an Anthony & Sylvan customer in Green Brook for more than 20 years. Mike does a great job!"
- Hank S.

10 Years and Counting

"I have been a customer of Anthony & Sylvan for 10 years. Mike in Green Brook has always been a fabulous resource. He has helped me care for my pool often and he's always courteous and efficient."
- Robert G.

Amazing Since 2001

"We built our pool with Anthony & Sylvan in 2001 and I stopped by their pool supply in Green Brook today. They have an amazing staff!! They provide great service and are extremely helpful. They ALWAYS solve my water chemistry and pool care problems."
- Carol C.

Since 2001

"We built our pool with Anthony & Sylvan in 2001 and now we use them for our pool supplies and chemicals. Mike at the Green Brook retail store, as well as his associates, has always been extremely helpful and knowledgeable. Always dealing with pleasant, professional individuals like Mike keeps me coming back!"
- Steve S.

10 Years

"Despite the 25 minute drive, I have been coming to the Anthony & Sylvan pool supply store in Green Brook for the last 10 years or so. I rely on Mike to provide me with advice to keep my in-ground pool clear. He is always helpful and worth the drive."
- Kelly A.

Excellent Customer Service

"We built our pool with Anthony & Sylvan back in 2007. Now we get our pool supplies from their pool supply store. The customer service at this location in Green Brook is excellent! I love the way the staff greets me every time I visit. They provide service in a timely manner. Nothing but positive things to say."
- Carlos F.

14 Years of Excellence

"I built my pool with Anthony & Sylvan and I've used their Green Brook pool supply store ever since. The excellent customer service has kept me coming back for the past 14 years. The store manager, Mike Klontz, is great at what he does and is excellent to work with and trustworthy. "
- Daniel M.

Highly Recommend

"I shop for my pool supplies here. Mike is very knowledgeable and helpful with any pool service issues I might have. I highly recommend Anthony & Sylvan's pool store in Green Brook!"
- Edgar D.

The Best

"Anthony & Sylvan built my swimming pool in 2006. I only buy my pool supplies at the Anthony & Sylvan Green Brook store because I know without a doubt that Mike always gives me the best service and is honest about any pool questions I have. He is courteous, professional, knowledgeable and reliable. Any time I have a problem, he comes through for me. Mike Clonts is the BEST!"
- Mary W.

Excellent Since 1970

"We have had our Anthony & Sylvan pool since 1970. Since then, we've used Anthony & Sylvan to service the pool. This has included a renovation of the pool, pool service, and using their retail store for pool chemicals and supplies."
- Stanlee K.

Good Price. Good Service

"I stopped by Anthony & Sylvan's Green Brook store today for pool supplies. The service was very good and they had good prices too!"
- Susan R.

Extremely Helpful for 7 Years

"We have been coming to this store for 7 years, ever since Anthony & Sylvan built our in-ground pool, and Mike has always been extremely helpful! I would and do recommend him to all of our friends with pools."
- Cathy R.

Excellent in Every Way

"I get my pool supplies from Anthony and Sylvan's retail store in Green Brook. Thanks to Mike, service has been excellent in every way. Everything is excellent from his knowledge to service."
- Salvatore S.

Professional, Courteous, and Kind

"Anthony & Sylvan built my in-ground pool, they've also renovated it, and I use their Green Brook store for pool supplies. Mike, over the years, has been very helpful in the maintenance of my swimming pool. He is professional, courteous, and kind during all my transactions with him. Mike is definitely a major asset to A&S."
- Edward S.

Excellent Service

"I use Anthony & Sylvan for pool supplies. They always provide excellent service."
- Albert N.

Very Helpful

"Anthony & Sylvan built our pool and we've been using them for pool supplies. Mike in Green Brook is very helpful and great to work with. Their free water testing is a great value to me and keeps me coming back to stock up on chemicals. "
- Tristin G.

Friendly and Informative Customer Service

"I want to acknowledge Kristen and Rich at the Fairfield, NJ location. I was previously a Leslie's customer. Kristen is the reason I've changed loyalty to Anthony & Sylvan. Her attitude and knowledge is both fun and informative. Rich also has been extremely helpful and pleasant to work with."
- Jeffrey W.

Thank You!

"Rich and Kristen were very, very helpful and quick to help me out! Rich explained the process to care for my pool thoroughly and completely. Thank you!"
- Joyce C.

Helpful & Knowledgeable Staff

"Anthony & Sylvan in Fairfield has a very knowledgeable staff. They're always ready to help figure out our pool chemistry issues and they're very helpful."
- Paul C.

Superb In-Ground Pool

"Anthony Sylvan Pools installed a 25 by 45 free form in ground gunite pool for us over the summer. I had several other contractors bid the project for me, but Sylvan blew them away on pricing, they were basically half. We figured that since they were a big company and much less money we would have to put up with aggravation, but we were pleasantly surprised that there was none. They ran the project perfectly from start to finish which took aproximately 30 days. The quality of work was superb, having owned several other custom gunite pools I can attest that the work was top notch. The contractors they used were professional and efficient, they also were onsite when they said they were going to be. The deck mason they recommended was fantastic and also did a great job. Anthony Sylvan is a first class operation with a first class product, I cannot recommend them enough."
- Janis C.

Thank You Thank You Thank You

"I purchased an intex pool from another store and it turned green before we got a chance to use it. Kristen, the manager at Anthony & Sylvan's Fairfield store, told us how to get it cleaned and it WORKED! Thank you! Thank you!!"
- Anne M.

Great Staff

"I use Anthony & Sylvan in Fairfield for my pool chemicals and supplies. Rich really knows what he's talking about and gives great advice. He always helps me find just what I'm looking for. Thanks!!"
- Joe S.

Two Decades and Counting

"I have been an Anthony & Sylvan customer for the past 22 years. For the past 6 years, I have been working with Kristen in their Fairfield pool store and she has been a huge help. Her customer service and pool knowledge is second to none! I drive 50 minutes each way to this location because of her assistance and expertise!"
- Thomas F.

Extremely Knowledgeable

"We built our pool with A&S back in 2012. Since then , we've used their Fairfield pool supply store. I stopped in today for my 1st water chemistry test of the season and purchased some pool chemicals. Kristen is extremely knowledgeable!"
- Ben G.

Excellent Plus More

"I built my pool with Anthony & Sylvan and I've also used their pool service for my pool. I get my pool chemicals from their supply store in Fairfield. The people are always friendly, knowledgeable and accommodating. We are fortunate to have a quality pool service like this in our town."
- Bob P.

Above and Beyond

"I stopped in today to get my water tested and for some pool chemicals. Kristen and her staff always go above and beyond. They're really helpful with their guidance and provide great instructions. So thankful!"
- Amanda S.

Knowledgeable Pool Store

"I shop here for my pool care and supply needs. I stopped in today for a free water chemistry test. Kristen and her staff are always knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. "
- John K.

A++++ Great

"I stopped by Anthony & Sylvan in Fairfield today and had a great experience. I used their free electronic water testing. A+++++ great experience. Thanks"
- Joel J.

4 Years and Counting

"I have been coming to Anthony & Sylvan's retail store in Fairfield, NJ for the last four years and will keep coming back because Kristen and her crew keep my pool looking crystal clear all season! The service is excellent and Kristen goes the extra mile to make sure everything is perfect!"
- Tony D.

Super Experience

"I visited Anthony & Sylvan's retail store today for some pool supplies. I had a super experience! Kristen was so helpful and knowledgeable. I will definitely return to this store."
- Mike G.

Great Pool Supplies Store

"I live near one pool store. I work near another one. I come all the way out here for the quality of the staff. The staff here has made me feel very comfortable with maintaining my pool throughout the season!"
- Jamie N.

Great customer service

"Everyone at their Fairfield retail store is very knowledgeable, helpful, and always friendly!"
- Patricia D.


"Anthony & Sylvans Fairfield store is great! I come here for all my pool supplies."
- Gene N.

Happy service

"I am very happy with the service I have been receiving for the past 10 years."
- Louise V.

Always excellent service

"Kristen & Melissa in Fairfield are always very professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and helpful to me and my family. I highly recommend A&S retail stores to anybody who has a pool and spa! I am very satisfied with the service."
- Edward G.

Quick Service

"Kristen and Melissa are always friendly and very helpful. They have a lot of pool knowledge and are ready to offer suggestions to fix any problem."
- Paul C.

More than fabulous!!

"This is the most family friendly pool store. They are the most informed of all the pools stores I have vetted. Their Fairfield staff is fantastic. I always look forward to visiting this store. Problems solved!!"
- Virginia L.


"Kristen and Melissa have been extremely helpful again this season. Theyre always ready to answer any questions I have. Wonderful store service!"
- Ken R.

Excellent customer service!

"Anthony & Sylvan has great customer service! They are always helpful and make me feel welcomed when I walk in their store."
- Dominick D.

Crystal clear pool

"Anthony & Sylvans Fairfield retail store has helped me get my swimming pool water back to being crystal clear!"
- Miguel J.

Super helpful

"I know very little about pools and I came into their store with a huge water chemistry problem. Kristen and Melissa turned my pool around in no time! Theyre always professional and informative. Highly recommend! They are truly an asset to the company. I am a type A personality person and they had the patience of a saint with me!!! AWESOME JOB GIRLS!!!!"
- Stephen S.


"Knowledgeable staff, courteous, understands and addresses all our needs."
- Lisa S.

Great retail experience.

"Their Fairfield retail staff always provides great customer service."
- Judy B.

Great service, great people

"Kristen in the Fairfield retail store is the best. I used to shop elsewhere, but I wouldn't go anywhere else for pool chemicals and supplies."
- Steven T.

I'm a satisfied customer.

"All of the employees are very knowledgable and are always helpful!"
- Carol F.

Very Attentive Pool Builder

"We had our 22-year old Sylvan pool renovated early summer of 2012. We were extremely pleased with all the work that was done and our pool looks amazing. All the workmen were here when they had said they would be, were courteous and did a great job. When they left, everything had been cleaned up and you wouldn't have known they were here. The people who did the tile and coping were very attentive to detail and made sure each piece was just right. The plaster people were also very dedicated to their work. As a homeowner, I am very particular in how things appear and I cannot say anything bad about the workmanship of the pool."
- Terry H.

Beautiful Pool, Couldn't Be Happier

"From start to finish, we were very satisfied with our pool remodel. When we bought our house five years ago the pool clearly need some TLC. By our second year here, we had tiles coming off and the coping was crumbling. The rep came out and told me exactly what would happen, had me pick my options and stayed in touch throughout the remodel.We did run into a snag with a timing issue (one step of the process happened ahead of another which made extra work for the men) but they got right to it, were always professional, courteous and they worked very hard. We were up against a deadline as we wanted to have our daughter's graduation party as a pool party and they made it happen. Our pool is now beautiful, I couldn't be happier. We just had another family gathering this weekend and I love seeing our guests enjoying the pool as much as we do! Thank you Anthony & Sylvan!From start to finish, we were very satisfied with our pool remodel. When we bought our house five years ago the pool clearly need some TLC. By our second year here, we had tiles coming off and the coping was crumbling. The rep came out and told me exactly what would happen, had me pick my options and stayed in touch throughout the remodel."
- Patricia W.

Count on A&S

"We built our pool with Anthony & Sylvan and now we use them for our pool service and supplies, too. They're always very helpful at the Newark retail store. We count on them to help us keep our pool going.
( :"
- Heather D.

Better Than Ever

"Our pool's built by Anthony & Sylvan. Their renovation design consultant drew up the estimate and we signed the contract that day. They re-tiled and re-coped. We had some phone conversations with the team that scheduled the pool renovation and they were very nice to deal with and knowledgeable. Our pool looks better than new now because the coping that we got wasn't available when we originally built the pool and it's just a much nicer coping. "
- Rich R.

Our Latest Anthony & Sylvan Pool

"We have always had a pool. We are repeat customers because we moved and we went again with Anthony & Sylvan because they do quality work and they back up their product. Their people were very friendly and easy to work with, and I could call them at any time. They were very amendable and always willing to go the extra mile. The pool that we have now is right in my backyard. Itメs a free form and doesn't have a spa. And since my disability requires me to exercise, I can now do that in my pool all the time. I also have a big family and they're welcome to come over and play, whether itメs shining or not. During their visits, we usually end with a meal or something, so it's also an opportunity for us all to get together. "
- Frances H.

Took Their Time

"Anthony & Sylvan built our pool in 2008. They just opened the pool for the season and they did a great job. They took their time to walk us through all the items and spent a good bit of time with us. The tech was very friendly. Thank you!"
- John G.

Excellent All Around

"I chose Anthony & Sylvan for my pool's renovation and I shop at their store in Newark. The team is excellent to deal with. Keep up the great job!"
- Rafael R.

Great Pool Store

"I stopped by today and the associates were all very knowledgeable. They were able to quickly direct me to the pool supplies I needed. "
- James F.


"I stopped in to get some pool supplies today from the A&S store in Newark. The staff was very helpful and they provided great service! Thank you!"
- Metwally E.

Very Knowledgeable

"I get my pool care items from Anthony & Sylvan's Delaware store. They really know a lot about pools and they always have what we need in stock!"
- Dwight T.

Awesome Pool Company

"My experience with Anthony & Sylvan and their representatives in Newark, DE and West Chester, PA has been a pleasure. Over the years, I've used Anthony & Sylvan for my pool's construction, a renovation, service and I shop at their retail stores. They are the kindest, friendliest, most helpful people that customers could ever work with. They are well informed and very gracious! I have and continue to recommend Anthony & Sylvan."
- Margaret N.

Since 2003

"We built our swimming pool with Anthony & Sylvan in 2003. We stopped by their pool care store in Delaware. Daniel was very helpful and friendly when we stopped in today. He answered all of our questions and he made our shopping experience pleasure. We will be back. Thanks so much!"
- Albert P.


"I rely on the Anthony & Sylvan pool store in Delaware for my pool chemicals and supplies. They have a great staff and they're very helpful."
- Gary L.

Terrific Pool Company

"I have had a very positive experience with Anthony & Sylvan. They provide a terrific service with good prices!"
- Michael P.

Second to None

"Anthony & Sylvan just built our pool last year. I stopped by their retail store in Newark today. Rick's demeanor and customer service are second to none. I will be coming back to this store for all of my pool care needs!"
- Josh F.

Longtime Customer

"We built our in-ground pool with Anthony & Sylvan years ago. At this point, we've used every service Anthony & Sylvan offers. Recently, we just renovated our pool. Today, we stopped by the Anthony & Sylvan pool supply store in Newark. The store manager was very knowledgeable and was very helpful with our initial chemical start-up after the renovation. "
- Craig J.


"We dropped by the Anthony & Sylvan pool store in Newark today. Our experience was great and the manager, Rick, was very informative and knowledgeable about our purchases. Thank you, Rick!"
- Kristin J.

Consistently Great service

"I built my pool with A&S in 2011. Since then, I've used them for pool service and shop for pool chemicals and supplies and their retail store. I always get consistently great service at their store in Newark."
- Farid M.

Very Happy

"Anthony & Sylvan built our in-ground pool in 2013 and since then I've shopped for my pool supplies at their Newark store. I've been very happy with the service at the store. Being a new, first time pool owner, they have been very helpful!"
- William M.

Very Helpful

"We built our pool with Anthony & Sylvan in 2012. We've used their pool care service team and we shop at their retail store in Newark. The Newark store staff is very helpful. They helped us save money by telling us about some coupons and deals to use."
- Robert R.


"I built my pool with Anthony & Sylvan years ago. Since then, I've also hired them to provide a pool renovation. I stopped by their retail store in Newark today. It's nice to have an Anthony & Sylvan store close by! Service was very friendly and helpful."
- William C.

First Visit

"Today was my first time in the Anthony & Sylvan pool store in Newark. I stopped in for some pool supplies and had a great first experience. I would definitely return next time I need pool supplies."
- Kenneth D.

Great Service. Great Prices

"I was at Anthony & Sylvan's retail store in Newark, DE the other day and had an excellent experience. The staff provided a great service and they had great prices too!"
- Jim M.

Always Pleasant

"I've worked with Anthony & Sylvan to build our in-ground pool as well as for our pool supplies and our pool's service. Chuck, from the service team, is always pleasant, shows up on time, and gets the job done quickly. "
- Tracy B.

Recommend to Anyone

"I have had Anthony & Sylvan open and close my pool for years and Chuck has always been very knowledgeable, personable and very professional. He has always taken the time to answer my questions, explain the ins and outs, and I look forward to seeing him every year! He's become a friend. I would recommend Anthony & Sylvan to anyone! ( :"
- Melissa W.

Pool Construction & Retail Store

"I worked with Anthony & Sylvan to construct my in-ground swimming pool. I stopped by their Delaware pool supply store today. They were very informative and were able to answer all of my questions."
- John P.

Knowledgeable & Good Customer Service

"My pool was built by Anthony & Sylvan and I've also used their pool care team to service the pool and their retail store for my pool supplies and chemicals. They provided good customer service and knowledge!"
- William R.

Good Value, Good Service

"I worked with Anthony & Sylvan for my swimming pool's renovation. I also use them for our pool supplies and chemicals. They always deliver a good value and good service. "
- Peter M.

Very Professional

"Anthony & Sylvan's service team just opened our A&S pool. Unsurpassed service as always! Chris and Shaun were very professional."
- Frank C.


"Anthony & Sylvan built our swimming pool in 2012. We also use them for pool supplies and pool service. Excellent service! "
- Marc G.

Beautiful Pool Construction

"We recently hired the pool builder Anthony & Sylvan to build us a backyard oasis. It's a rectangular pool with a 3 foot tall raised bond beam cut right into the hill in our backyard. They're building it now, and OMG ヨ the work is beautiful!! Their crews are perfectionists!! We're really happy we chose Anthony & Sylvan to build our pool and can't wait to swim!"
- Andrea H.

Real Professionals

"The guys at Anthony & Sylvan are great. They give a discount for scheduling service online and show up when they say they will and do what needs to get done and no more. We've had our pool for 4 years now and they always seem to be there when I need them. Overall, real professional operation for my area! "
- Michael T.

Beautiful Fiberglass Pool

"Fiberglass in ground pool 14X28 kidney shape. Anthony Sylvan did a beautiful job. The pool was done in a timely manner. Any issues were taking care of satisfactory. Would recommend them to family and friends."
- Donna P.

Love Our Pool. Love Our Pool Service

"This was our first year as pool owners. Brian ** came and not only did a fine job closing our pool but was very patient with all my questions about the pool. He was honest and didn't try and sell me on any unnecessary treatments. Definitely will be working with this company in the future. "
- Mary E.

I Love Our New Pool

"First I want to say, I love our new pool. It did take a lot longer to install than we expected. We signed the Contract in April and couldn't use it till the end of August. They didn't switch over to salt-treated till September. So it took all Spring and Summer long before it was completed. We had a few problems with the guys draining the water inside the gunite towards the driveway, and big trucks got stuck. Also, one of the guys closing the pool, dragged bag and cover across the rough cement and ripped the bag up and put a couple of holes in the cover. But overall, we are very happy with it. Thanks again for the new bag to replace the damaged one. I will still recommend Anthony & Sylvan."
- J. Altvater

Thank You to Everyone

"Anthony & Sylvan built our swimming pool. Frank **, our project manager, was extremely helpful and courteous. He answered our endless questions. He stopped by the house many times to check on the progress. Lowell **, Start Up Tech, was very clear in his instructions about how to use the equipment and what was expected of us in the first 30 days. The office personnel were courteous and helpful. I never felt like I was not important to them. Thank you to everyone. "
- Linda P.

Above and Beyond

"We are currently selling our home. This season, we've had some water chemistry issues. We just couldn't get the pool water clear. We stopped by Anthony & Sylvan's retail store for some chemicals, and while they were very helpful, unfortunately the chemicals didn't completely solve the problem.At that point, Keith, the store manager offered to stop by my home to take a look and try to diagnose the problem. He did a water test, checked our equipment, and was able to make additional recommendations. Now the pool looks great again! In fact, it has never looked so good. Keith went above and beyond and really came through for us. Thanks!"
- Pat D.

Definitely Recommend Them

"A friend of mine does recommended Anthony & Sylvan. I have them built a new gunite pool. They were very nice and very helpful. My problem with them is when I call them, nobody is able to return my call, but other than that everything was great. The people that did the construction, digging the hole in the ground were very nice and knowledgeable and did a great job. Same with the guys that did the steel work, they were in and out, and out before I even knew they were here hardly. I'd definitely recommend them."
- Jeff H.

Definitely Recommend A&S

"I found Anthony & Sylvan through the internet. They installed a concrete mountain pond for us. Everyone that I interacted with was very polite, clever and seemed very knowledgeable. I told them what I wanted and pretty much got what I wanted. Iメd definitely recommend them -- They were awesome! "
- Elizabeth F.

Love Our In-Ground Pool

"My employeeメs sister had a pool that was done by Anthony & Sylvan, so I called them to give me an estimate. Everybody that came out treated us very well. I'm very satisfied with the salt plaster pool we had installed. We love the salt water and we enjoy its depth. The black pearl plaster seems to hold the heat of the water up and we like that. We didn't have to put much money into propane. We had started the pool and had to put it on hold for a little while. They came back after the delay, picked up where we left off and finished it up. We appreciated that. We like everything about it. We feel that we have a pool that weメre not disappointed in at all. "
- Pamela S.

In Ground Pool Construction & Service

"Anthony & Sylvan built my in ground swimming pool. They provided great construction! They provide great pool service! They are a number one company! Tom B. has been absolutely outstanding!"
- Paul L.

Great to Work With

"I get my pool chemicals and supplies from Anthony & Sylvan's store in Severna Park. Their staff is always helpful, polite and great to work with!"
- Kathy D.

Regularly Recommend

"I built my swimming pool with Anthony & Sylvan and I've also used their pool service and I get my pool supplies from their store in Severna Park. I recommend this retail store regularly. Everyone is very good explaining step by step how to treat my pool with chemicals. Their service team was very good opening my pool this season. "
- Sherrye S.

top notch

"Shout out to staff, especially Keith, for perfect directions and service...much appreciated "
- James S.

Pool Service & Pool Renovation

"We used Anthony & Sylvan for a pool renovation in 2009. I visited their retail in Severna Park today and the employees were extremely helpful today, as they always are when I come in. We always use Anthony & Sylvan for pool service needs because their expertise and knowledge."
- Stephanie B.


"I used Anthony & Sylvan for my pool construction and also for my pool supplies and pool service. Their service crews are always courteous and do a complete job, while taking the time to explain the process. "
- Diana W.

Always Recommend Anthony & Sylvan

"Anthony & Sylvan built my pool and I have always used them for all my pool needs and always recommend them to others. Their pool service guys are always nice and do a great job!"
- Dianne H.

Excellent Pool Builder

"Anthony & Sylvan installed our pool in 2011 and the quality of workmanship is excellent. Since then, we have continued to have a positive experience working with Anthony & Sylvan professionals -- from the retail store and water testing to their service technicians who open and close our pool each year. Anthony & Sylvan's reputation is well earned and we have nothing but positive things to say!"
- Patrick H.


"Anthony & Sylvan's pool service team just opened the pool they built for us. The team of Nick and Tommy was extremely professional. They did an outstanding job opening our pool and were generally very helpful and pleasant. We would love to have this team do all of our openings and closings in the future!"
- Kathi S.


"I built my pool with Anthony & Sylvan last season. Since then, I've used their pool store and I've also used their service team. They did a fine job!"
- Betty M.

Very Happy

"Anthony & Sylvan built my in-ground pool in 2009. We also use their retail store for pool supplies. Their service team was just out to open the pool. They were good. Quick, experienced service. Very happy!"
- Chris G.

Great Job

"Anthony & Sylvan built our pool and did a great job opening our pool and cleaning and storing the cover. I also use them for pool supplies and highly recommend them for other pool owners."
- Rob A.

Wouldn't Use Anybody Else

"We have been using Anthony & Sylvan for our pool service and supplies for the last 9 years, since they built our pool. They open and close our pool every year and we purchase all our pool supplies from them. The technicians they send out are knowledgeable, courteous and helpful, and never try to "high pressure" us into buying something we don't need. I wouldn't do business with anyone else!"
- Debbie R.

Customer Friendly Pool Service

"We use Anthony & Sylvan for our pool service. Jeremy and Bryan did a great job. As always, we're very satisfied with our pool service. The pool techs are customer friendly and made sure everything was running great!"
- Jeannette F.

Flawless Pool Service

"We built our pool with Anthony & Sylvan in 2010. Since then, we've also used them for our pool supplies and service. The service tech that they just sent to open our pool, Jeremy, is the most experienced technician that has ever serviced our pool. He was knowledgeable and offered valuable information. The pool opening was flawless!"
- Lori C.

Great Pool Care

"I use Anthony & Sylvan for pool supplies and service. I always receive great work and advice concerning our pool maintenance. Their technicians are always pleasant and very helpful!"
- Jane T.

Awesome Pool Service

"We use Anthony & Sylvan for pool supplies and pool service. Our service tech, Jeremy, does an awesome job every time! He's very knowledgeable about every aspect of the pool. Incredible!"
- Swint B.

Excellent Pool Company

"We have used Anthony & Sylvan for our pool's construction, pool supplies, and our pool service. The service techs are very knowledgeable! They have done an excellent job maintaining and servicing our pool over the years. "
- Claire F.


"Anthony & Sylvan built my pool in 2002. I've also been using them for pool service recently and they've been very helpful, explaining everything very well. Great overall experience. "
- Matthew F.

Great Service After the Sale

"Built an inground pool at my house. They had fantastic service start to finish. Any time there were any issues at all they corrected immediately. Grant Robinson was phenomenal and the overall experience was great. Grant really stood out to me and took the initiative and to me was the real difference between them and other companies. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to build a pool at their home! Even after the completion they continued with great service after the sale. For over a year they answered any questions I had and were quick to help out."
- Mack R.

3rd Pool With Anthony & Sylvan

"We have now built 3 separate pools with Anthony Sylvan in the Charlotte area over the last 10 years and could not be happier! Occasionally, as in all construction processes, you run into a problem. What we have consistently seen with Anthony and Sylvan is that they 100% stand up for their product, regardless if it was their people or subcontractors. We have not had any problems with pool equipment, have found their recommendations to be spot on, and maintain our pool ourselves with very little effort."
- Dana G.

Backyard Dream Come True

"I contacted Anthony Sylvan to get an estimate on building an in ground pool for our new home. From the minute I met their design consultant, Kam McGillicuddy, until the pool was officially opened, the entire process was professional and timely. Sylvan's customer service is fantastic. I never owned a pool before, so I was anxious about the entire excavation. Kam provided me with all the information I needed to know about building the pool: the location of the pool, the filtration equipment placement and all other accessories. Kam provided me with information regarding the fencing and door alarm requirements . He took care of all the building and electrical inspections. I was provided with the names and numbers of the general manager, construction and scheduling contacts. Whenever I called, they were always helpful and got back to me in a timely manner. I was also provided with a booklet of information that guided me through all the steps of pre-construction, the construction process... al the way to final inspection. My pool is exactly what I wanted and I would recommend contacting Anthony Sylvan Pools to build your pool and make your backyard dream come true!"
- Jim F.

Everything I Wanted

"When my husband retired from the Air Force the end of 2013, we lived in North Carolina and we were actually looking for a community that had a pool. We found a house we loved that's on a neighborhood we loved but they did not have a community pool. So February last year our realtor said, "Your yard is big enough to build a pool." So that kind of put the idea in the back of my husband's head. After living in the house for a little bit, we started thinking about it and then last summer we really decided that we were gonna start looking this way. Our neighbor's brother highly recommended Anthony & Sylvan for the pool construction. We got ourselves a free form saltwater pool and it also has a spa. They just finished it in December and it's only the beginning of May, so we heated it up when the grandkids came for spring break. I just love the look of it. I can't wait for it to get warmer so we can use it on a daily basis. It came out exactly the way we envisioned it would. ** was absolutely amazing with us when he was doing the plans. I was like, "Well, I don't care for this. Can we smooth out this edge a little bit? Can we?" And he got us everything I wanted. The project manager, **, was absolutely amazing. He went totally above and beyond what I feel his job description would be. If I had any questions, while the workmen were here, he would constantly drop in. I know with the million times he's selling on, but anytime I had any questions, he would be on top of it and whenever I suggest to look into anything he always did within a day or so. So ** and ** are topnotch on my radar."
- Richard P.

The Most Beautiful Pool

"Anthony & Sylvan installed the most beautiful pool in my backyard. It went great everyone was on time weather permitting, they were very friendly.They took care of all the permits."
- Kimberly K.

No One Compares to A&S

"We lived in York, SC about 10 years ago and they installed a pool for us. It was fabulous, the workmanship, the professionalism, and the timing. Everything was great. Now we live in Moore and we want a new pool installed. We did our research around here, and no one compares. We wanted Anthony & Sylvan Pools back. We contacted them, and they are willing to come 90 miles out of their way to install a new pool for us. They have gone above and beyond. A+."
- Diane C.

Highly Recommend Anthony & Sylvan

"We had retired from the north and had planned and planned what our retirement pool/spa would be, we even had a price in mind (being from the north we knew the cost that it would be there). Thanks to Tim Clark and his crew from Anthony & Sylvan Pools we have our dream! Everything from day one, meeting with Tim, went great. With our dream in our minds, telling him what we wanted, figuring we would go with all we wanted then back off when he quoted the price, well he came in with our dream and the price we had in mind! It was started on the day he promised. The crews that came out, many different crews, being that there are many different steps to building pool/spa, were top of the line. They were exceptionally professional. When we had questions, we had answers immediately. Never worried about leaving the home unintended. Every evening when the crews left, everything was clean and picked up. Anthony & Sylvan Pool technicians were at the site many times just checking out the work, no scheduled calls to visit. Just stopped by. That showed us they believed in their crew, if they didn't worry, why should we. It was just a great feeling, especially because we were very new in the area, actually very to to NC. THANK YOU EVERYONE INVOLVED WITH OUR PROJECT .. WE WILL HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANTHONY & SYLVAN POOLS IN NC OR ANY WHERE."
- Candy P.

Pool Looks Fantastic

"They constructed a new pool in my backyard. They blended the pool into the hill in the backyard and it looks fantastic. The project manager was here very often and if I wasn't home, he would email me with updates. They cleaned up after themselves every day- there was almost no mess. It looks great and they did a super job."
- John B.

Exceeded Our Expectations

"I hired Anthony & Sylvan for an in ground pool design and installation. It was an outstanding experience. The entire team from sales, scheduling, installation, service, management follow up, et al did a great job ensuring that the end product was what we wanted and expected. As experienced pool owners these guys,and gals, exceeded all of our expectations. Would definitely use this company again and would request that the same team be assigned to our project. Thanks to the entire team and special thanks to Patty!!"
- Stephen W.

I Would Recommend Them

"Anthony & Sylvan pools was a referral by my contractor and friends. I had a free form with a spill-over spa, which I really enjoy, along with the sun shelf. And I am looking forward to entertaining friends and family beside my new pool. I am happy with Anthony & Sylvan, and I would recommend them."
- Jason C.

Backyard Oasis

"I've wanted a pool for five years and so we did our research and talked to different contractors and pool companies. We decided calling Anthony & Sylvan based on the salesperson's ability to actually show us the design without having to leave and come back. Mostly everything with the project manager went very well. Any time I needed him, I would just send him a text or give him a call and he was always available. However, the scheduling team wasn't as communicative as they could have been. Now, we got a freeform pool with sheer descent. We don't have to go anywhere because it's just right there in the backyard which is the best part. Now, I'm looking forward to our house being the place that people would want to come to instead of sending our kids over to someone else's house."
- Amy H.

We Love Our Pool

"Our pool has a hot tub and waterfalls with it. It's about 3.5 foot deep and the deepest end is about 5'3". It's 625 square foot and we had little inserts put in around the pool and also in all the seats so that we can put umbrellas up. And we love it so far. Moreover we had the LED lighting put in. Our project manager was good and we enjoyed working with him. We had a couple of issues with him and the scheduler but we got everything worked out. Also, we had a lot of different people working there that didn't speak English so sometimes it was hard to communicate with some of them. But everybody was very friendly. I put a few tablets in the pool every week and keep my strainers cleaned. It turned green on me when we'd gone one week out of town for a week and a half. The person that I had to take care of it thought that they used the same tablet and thought that was fine. It took me about three days and I cleaned it up and it's been fine ever since. Ever since we got the pool, we have done a lot of swimming at night when the water's warm. We'll just get out there and sit on the edge."
- Bob W.


"Just had my pool finished about a month ago by Anthony and Sylvan Pools and WOW I am soooooo totally HAPPY! Everyone who came to my home did an exceptional job and in the end the pool is rocking fabulous. We talked to 3 different companies but I knew Anthony and Sylvan was the way to go especially when they have been in business for like almost 70 years.The designer was Tim Clark, who was so well educated about his products and so fun to deal with plus I/we knew we could trust him. He came to my home, and in the first meeting we designed the pool on this really cool 3d program which made it very easy to see the pool in my yard. Tim was very patient with all of our questions and never did he push for the sale. So no brainer, we signed an agreement . Tim introduced us to our Project manager Marty Wynne who was totally easy to talk to, ready to work and just a great guy. He came when he said and inspected every important step along the way. The crews were great, the yard was kept clean and the workmanship was exceptional. And I love, love, love the recommendation to go with the pebble-tec finish, itメs easy on the feet (WHICH WAS A BIG CONCERN FOR ME) and it looks so cool. Tim mentioned that Anthony and Sylvan had us covered with most importantly, OUR POOL WARRANTY and to insure customer satisfaction. That was an understatement, Iメm thrilled and there was never a point where I was worried. We feel like we made friends with everyone who came to our home!"
- Renee B.

Great Job

"Everything that Anthony & Sylvan did was professional and very customer-friendly. That includes the design (which was excellent), the scheduling, the actual work (all the contractors did wonderful work), and the final follow-up. If I ever build another pool, it would certainly be by Anthony & Sylvan. Great job!"
- Tadeusz B.

Paid Attention to the Details

"I had been contemplating building a swimming pool for the last couple of years. Earlier this year, two of my friends built a pool using Anthony & Sylvan, and both were so pleased with the results that they highly encouraged me to move forward with my plans. My pool was completed at the end of September. Overall, we were very pleased with the entire process. Our project manager, Greg, made sure everything ran smoothly and paid close attention to details. We are anxious for the summer so that we can use it more! "
- Dipti S.

Our 3rd Anthony & Sylvan Pool

"Anthony & Sylvan recently built us another swimming. Excellent job from sales through construction. A few punch items took some time to get done, but it was nothing major. Would definitely use them a 4th time!!"
- Michelle H.

Great In-Ground Pool Builder

"I got a brand new pool from Anthony & Sylvan. I heard about them because our next door neighbors had their pool built by them. It's Pebble-Tec. My kids and I love it. I love the free-form shape to it and I love the color of the water. Our backyard was completely empty so it's a brand new pool. They did everything. Brian **, my designer, was the best. I recommended them to several of my friends. Experience with Anthony & Sylvan was very easy. Positive, exciting and overall just great."
- Karin S.

Couldn't Be More Pleased

"The sales representative was excellent, and the products were excellent. Anthony & Sylvan totally re-did our existing 15-year-old pool. Our contact was Sam ** and he was absolutely first-class. He spent many hours with us and he assured us that no decision would be made unless I actually saw that product installed in a customer's pool. He took me out at least three times to look at different people's pools with their permission, so I would be comfortable with what we were selecting. He followed up on everything, he was always on time, he's a gentleman, he did what we said, and we couldn't be more pleased with him. He's a great asset to your company."
- Betty T.

Terrific In-Ground Pool Builder

"Anthony & Sylvan did my first pool back in 2008 and the second one was February of this year. It was an in-ground granite pool with the second pool. Itメs not a fancy pool, no hot tub, nothing extra. And I chose them because it fit our budget and the salesperson did not try to pressure or sell us what we did not want. Its terrific everything as they indicated it would with the time line, very efficient.The salesman was just terrific, can't say nothing bad about him and the gentleman who supervised the pool did a great job, very good at communicating, letting us know what was going on and when, and same for the scheduler and then the person that did the warranty work, we hadn't had an issue. They did a really good job. Terrific company, does what they say they're gonna do, and quality product."
- Chuck J.

Fantastic In-Ground Pool Builder

"Anthony & Sylvan coordinated the pool design, and installation for the low chlorine ozone concrete pool. I love the fact that it's right in my backyard. My sales professional did a fantastic job of understanding what it was that we were going for, and from designing the finished product from what truly was a dirt lock. While the sales process and the design process were great, there was a bit of a disconnect with the communication throughout the project. The implementation phase was not as smooth as we would have liked but we're very pleased with the final product."
- Lauren B.

2nd to none

"Do yourself a favor and choose Sylvan for your new pool or spa. I did an insane amount of research before choosing them. It truly paid off. Talk to others that have gone with other (cheaper) companies and you will see (& hear) the price difference. It's a big investment and no different than choosing a home or car."
- Keith T.

Our Perfect In-Ground Pool

"Built a 500 sq ft Pebble Tec pool with concrete decking. We are very pleased with the end-product, and found the crew to be timely and responsive to our needs. Tim Clark designed our pool, and incorporated features and functions that we did not know were possible. He listened to our wishes, and designed a pool that is not only perfect for us, but is especially perfect for our chocolate lab. We made minor adjustments as the "dig date" approached, and all,of these changes were executed. The digging began on May 13 and we were swimming on June 21...on time and within the budget. We used the partner fence contractor (CCR Fence) to install our fence, and appreciated the way they worked together to ensure that the fence installation timed perfectly with the pool installation. We are approaching the first full season of swimming for the humans, but our 110lb chocolate lab has been swimming throughout the winter, thanks to our heater. My favorite features are: The sun deck, the lounge chair cut out, and the built in umbrella holders."
- Libby M.

Could Not Be Happier

"Had a 500ft2 gunite pool put in last fall. Pool is beautiful and we could not be happier with it. Our only regret was not having it put in earlier in the year. The pool was finished in early November so it was too cold to use last year. We can't wait to use it this year. My children have loved splashing around the edge all winter. I would not hesitate for a second to have them install another pool for me. We were going to go with a vinyl lined pool from a different builder but after Jason's presentation and breaking down the cost difference it was an easy decision to go with a gunite pool from Anthony & Sylvan. The beautiful pool we now have should last a lifetime."
- Derek S.

Our Pool is Amazing

"Anthony & Sylvan installed a new in-ground concrete swimming pool for us. The end result is amazing. We have a beautiful pool ready for the spring season. The process began with our designer, Brian, visiting our home and listening to what we had in mind. We'd spent a lot of time looking a photos and really knew what we wanted. Brian created a CAD design during our first meeting and priced out the pool. We took some time to think the proposal through, and spent time negotiating of course. Once we signed the contract, we had a meeting with Brian and our project manager Rob to lay out the pool design in the backyard. This is when it really started to come to life. Rob gave us an overview of all the steps in the process along with documentation on every detail. Excavation was done in a day or two and then within 10 days we had a concrete shell. The process slows down here, and sometimes feels like it will drag on forever. But in the end, they met the original date they forecasted - early December. A&S did a great job and we can wait to use our new pool this summer. "
- Tom O.

Highly Recommend Them

"They cleared land, dug a hole and installed a pool with all the plumbing, electrical and drains. They also leveled it back out and filled it in when it was finished. We also hired someone through them to do our patio. It was wonderful! The pool looks great and we're enjoying it. It is easy to maintain. Kam was our construction manager and he kept us aprise every step of the way. If we needed to reach him, he was always available by phone or would stop by. The service was superb, we were very satisfied! I would highly recommend them. "
- Patricia C.

Great Pool and Great People

"We received four estimates for our pool installation. They were all within $2000 of each other. Anthony and Sylvan's estimate was the most comprehensive with details on installation , equipment and landscaping. It took about 2 months to complete the pool. We had one small electrical item that the building inspector wanted changed. I called Anthony and Sylvan and the next morning their electrician and a helper showed up and satisfied the inspector. I waited 2 years to review Anthony and Sylvan to make sure that no problems would occur. I never had to call them and the pool has operated perfectly. Great pool and great people to work with. "
- Frank K.

Customer Service Oriented

"Anthony Sylvan installed the perfect pool for my family. They where very helpful from start to finish. They met every need of my family. Very customer service oriented. They installed steps coming from my house down to the pool. The steps where not done to my satisfaction and they came back and tore them out and put in steps that matched the house with no questions asked and no extra charge. "
- Eric A.

Wouldn't Hesitate to Recommend

"We are very pleased with Anthony and Sylvan. Everyone was very professional, punctual, left a clean work site, and quickly answered any questions that arose. From the initial consultation with Rob McCubbin, to working with our project manager Harald Bottke, and coordinator James Pettit, all of our options were fully explained. They were recommended to us by a friend, and we wouldn't hesitate to do the same."
- Gail M.

Vacation Getaway in Our Own Backyard

"We have been very satisfied with Anthony and Sylvan Pools! From the initial consultation with Jerry Strauss to the day we were able to swim in our pool and spa, our experience was a fantastic one! Each and every step (from digging the hole, electricians, masons, etc) was performed in a timely fashion. Each contractor that Anthony and Sylvan Pools used was professional, courteous and truly experts in their trade. We do not have a traditional, flat back yard and with alot of thought, patience and expert opinions, the Anthony and Sylvan team really helped us create a perfect design for our pool and spa! We can't say enough positive things about Jerry Strauss and his team! We would recommend this company to anyone interested in building a great vacation get away in your own backyard!"
- Scott S.

Exceed Our Expecations

"We spent over 14 months researching pool installation companies and almost decided upon working with a local company. At the last moment we spoke with a family friend who recommended speaking with a national provider to minimize long term risk for warranty support if the local company ever goes out of business. Our decision was to discuss the project with Anthony Sylvan Pools. Our first meeting was with Jerry Strauss, who is a VP at the local organization. During our session he clearly explained the pool configurations, the prices, the duration of time the project would take and quickly established our confidence in his ability to successfully complete the project. In addition, he recommended Munds Outdoor Living to extend the pool project with a patio and deck. Jerry was able to work with his management teams to ensure we had the best pricing options for the engagement and even offered to provide his support as the project coordinator to ensure the project went smoothly. We soon signed with Anthony Sylvan and began our adventure over a 3 month period. The project was handled professionally, the work was accomplished without a glitch, and in what felt like no time, we had the shell of a pool installed. Anthony Sylvan even coordinated the entire patio and deck project to ensure it coincided with the pool installation project. The overall project was completed on time, within budget and fully exceeded our expectations. We are now using our pool for the second year and the relationship with Anthony Sylvan and Jerry have continued. Every year they spot check out pool to ensure it is running at an optimal level and all issues have always been dealt with in a timely professional manner."
- Paul S.

Can't Say Enough About Anthony & Sylvan

"I finally decided to give my Sylvan pool a makeover and had contacted several local companies that specialize in this area. In fact, I was very close to selecting one but decided to give Anthony Sylvan a last look. I am very thankful that I did so as the pool renovation exceeded my expectations and the gentleman in charge was hands on during the entire process. A few of the other vendors I spoke with had recommended a partial renovation at a lesser price that would in the end have compromised the project. I cannot say enough about the workers and the management that participated in my pool renovation."
- Richard D.

Our Backyard Oasis

"I contracted Anthony and Sylvan Pools to build an in-ground pool at my residence. The landscape of my property transformed from a typical backyard to an Oasis that my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed all summer and into the fall. Our design consultant, Don **, provided excellent insight not only during the design phase but also throughout the entire process. He maintained contact to ensure that the individual phases of construction met our satisfaction. Don acted as a liaison in securing a contractor to complete the water feature, decking and landscape work which turned out fantastic. I followed the recommendations of Anthony and Sylvan's opening team pertaining to brushing, chemicals and filter service intervals and had crystal clear water all year with surprisingly minimal work involved on my part. I would recommend to anyone to add a heat pump to your system. It extends your swimming season by about two months and regulates the temperature perfectly. We could not have had a better experience with this project. Great job!"
- Thomas H.

Awesome Pool Builder

"We have had nothing but a positive experience building our pool with Anthony and Sylvan. All stages of this project went smoothly, beginning with our salesman that helped design a pool perfect for our family, the scheduler who always kept us informed of our schedule (rain or shine we knew if someone would be in our backyard) to our project manager who was always detail oriented and ready to answer any questions. All of their crews worked cleanly and respectfully. We have also had only positive experiences with their retail store in Doylestown for pool supplies. Thank you to Anthony and Sylvan for creating a beautiful backyard for our family and a place where many memories will be made."
- Stacey D.

They are terrific

"The manager of this store is so knowledgable and helpful. He really gets customer service. This is the only pool store I go to."
- Catherine A.

We built 2 pools with Anthony & Sylvan

"Not many people can say they built 2 pools in their lifetime. We did and in both houses we used Anthony & Sylvan."
- Orna A.

Highly Recommend A&S

"Sylvan performed a complete refurbishment of our 60 year old Viking pool. Re-plastering, tile, and cantilevered decking in cast concrete. Out of the 5 people we priced, they were the most reasonable for the services and their sales rep Don was the MOST knowledgeable and the least pushy! One company's rep actually pushed us for 2 heating systems when we mentioned "what about heat?" The 2 minor issues we had were with clean up and one of their electricians, both situations were immediately remedied by the Excellent Office staff at Sylvan in Doylestown...Thank you Shavon!! |HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!"
- Joe M.

Excellent Pool Renovation

"I heard about Anthony & Sylvan through advertising. I ended up going with them because they followed up with me. They weren't high pressure too. The salesman who came here was wonderful. He obviously was in the business for a long time in the swimming pool industry so I could tell he knew what he was talking about. He didn't try to sell me anything other than what I wanted but he was very good and thorough on what I wanted to have done. He was so impressive that I signed the contract that night. The scheduler of Anthony & Sylvan was in contact with me most of the time to let me know what to expect. And the expectations that she set were always right on time. They replastered the whole interior and did fix a few of the tiles, too. The finish of it is great. The feeling of the plaster was very nice and soft on your feet. It wasn't slippery and hard. It looks like a brand new pool now. They did an excellent job."
- Kathy W.

Happy Since 1992

"Our old swimming pool was built in 1992. We called about five pool, landscape and tile companies and Anthony & Sylvan Pools had what we wanted. Somebody from them would call us every day to tell us who was going to be out, who was the lead person, what time they were coming. So we knew exactly who was coming out, what time they were coming out, and when we had a problem. We had phone numbers and who to call if we weren't satisfied or they would call us after. They did the whole thing. We had it replastered and retiled. I like the new tile because we were missing a lot of it. It had come off in a storm a couple of years ago and I just never found anything I really liked."
- Janet S.

Been Using Them For Years

"I've been using them for years. They did a full pool renovation. It went very, very well. Very smoothly. The people they sent out were excellent, absolutely excellent. They were the best. Recently, they opened the pool and took the cover off, and they serviced the pool last September. It went perfectly. They're great guys. I don't even have to be here. They know where the pool cover is and they put it away. I've been using them for many years."
- Margaret A.

Love Our Pool

"Ours is a 34yr old pool that needed a makeover. My husband wanted to fill it in to make a garden to my objections. After contacting Anthony & Sylvan, we were surprised the price was right. Even our old contract was honored. From the salesman to the crew, all were very professional. The work was done in a timely manner and to our satisfaction. We love our refurbished pool. Even my husband admits it was worth it. I kid him that we are swimming in his garden. I just wish the swimming season was longer."
- David P.

Our Pool Looks Fantastic!

"I'd absolutely recommend Anthony & Sylvan for pool renovations. My sales consultant Grant was very knowledgeable and helpful, and the project coordinators (Tom and Robin) were excellent. The project ended up ahead of schedule in terms of time and came in right on the quoted price. The coordination of the various phases and crews was very well orchestrated such that there was no wait-time in between. I am very pleased with the whole experience, and our pool looks fantastic! Thank you."
- William F.

Excellent Swimming Pool Renovation

"I recently used Anthony & Sylvan for a swimming pool renovation. Great selection and pricing. Professional demolition and installation done in a timely manner. Many compliments from neighbors about how good new tile looks. Would highly recommend Anthony & Sylvan."
- Pat R.

Highly Recommend Anthony & Sylvan

"From start to finish, our renovation project went great. Grant, our Renovation Specialist, was personable, knowledgeable, and flexible with our schedule and timelines. He offered suggestions and options during the planning process that enabled us to finalize a renovation project that truly fit our budget. The work was done quickly and neatly. Anthony & Sylvan Pools completed our project in a professional manner. I would highly recommend them for any renovation needs."
- Mike S.

Excellent Renovation

"I used Anthony & Sylvan for a swimming pool renovation. The plaster and flashing were completely redone. It looks much better. I coupled that with a new more efficient heater and went from almost never using the pool to using it several times a week."
- Jerry K.

New Gunite Pool Installation

"Anthony & Sylvan had our new gunite pool installed. We were very satisfied with their project management, scheduling process and being on time and attentive."
- Sondra J.

Love Our A&S Swimming Pool

"It looks really nice. I like the style and the shape of the pool they put in for us. It was a great experience. There was definite feedback along the way. They made sure that everything was exactly what we had wanted and they answered all the questions we had."
- Jeana K.

Recommended Pool Builder

"Friends recommended Anthony & Sylvan. They installed the new pool. I chose the kidney-shaped concrete saltwater pool. From the sales to the completion, they assigned the project manager who was attentive. The pool was completed from the beginning to the end in 1 and 1/2 months. It was a pleasant experience."
- Anatoly C.

Quality In-Ground Pool Renovation

"We had a neighbor that had used Anthony & Sylvan, and they were pleased with their service. They renovated our pool, plastering and tile work. The team was fine; they did the job, cleaned up and left. So, Iメd recommend Anthony & Sylvan. Their work is of good quality and done efficiently."
- Kenneth W.

Excellent Pool Builder

"We had Anthony & Sylvan install a new pool and our experience with them was excellent. They were professional and did what they promised to do. Good customer service, good technicians, everything is good."
- Sarah W.

Love Our Pool

"Anthony & Sylvan built our pool. My favorite feature is its heater. Their team has been great. We had a good experience. We didn't have any problems at all. It was easy, beginning to end."
- Staci E.

Been Recommending Them for 11 Years

"I had pools throughout my life with Anthony & Sylvan. I had dealt with them 11 years ago for a brand new pool, and this time they did a re-caulking, tiling and plastering. It was just basically stripped it down to the shell. Everyone was professional and quick, even when there was a very small issue. I would recommend Anthony & Sylvan. Great job and keep up the good work! "
- David K.

overall good

"We finished our pool last year. It's beautiful. The pros: They build a quality pool. When they started, construction moved along at a predictable pace. The literature on the initial opening and maintaining the pool was very good.The cons: Communication during the last phase of construction was not very good. The project manager wasn't around much.....but he did make good suggestions. There was no literature provided for us on how to open the pool in subsequent years. "
- William T.

Built My Pool 20 Years Ago

"My pool was built by Anthony & Sylvan 20 years ago. I took them again for the renovation - re-plaster, tile, decking. The design consultant was great and polite. He came down for a meeting at least three times to consult with me and my wife. The coordinator was awesome too, and she kept me on top of the schedule. I now have a sparkling new pool that looks like it has just been built. It looks fabulous. I am recommending them. "
- Kishor T.

100% Happy for Over 20 Years

"Anthony & Sylvan put my pool in 20 years ago, and I had it refurbished by them this year. I chose them because of their reputation. It's a concrete pool. We had everything redone - the decking, the coping stones, the tilesナ complete renovation of the pool.The interactions with A&S team were all very positive. We had the work done in the spring. There was a couple of issues that we had with the work. No arguments. They came back and redid it in a timely manner. Very professional. We didn't have to pay them until we're 100% satisfied. The customer satisfaction was superb! We've been telling a lot of people about them. The follow up was just the best part of the whole experience. Weメre just not 99% happy but 100% happy. We're thrilled! Theyメre highly professional and totally focused on their customer experience.Anthony & Sylvan put my pool in 20 years ago, and I had it refurbished by them this year. I chose them because of their reputation. It's a concrete pool. We had everything redone - the decking, the coping stones, the tiles, complete renovation of the pool. "
- Kevin G.


"A&S were wonderful to deal with while installing our swimming pool. The communication from their back office was fantastic. They kept the project moving along and also completed the pool earlier than was anticipated. John **, our Project Manager, was very hands on and very responsive to our email questions. I would highly recommend Anthony & Sylvan Pools. "
- Janet B.

Excellent Pool Safety Cover Installation

"All personnel connected with the installation of my pool safety cover did an excellent job, from the sales representative to the men who took the measurements for the cover and the two men who installed it. They were polite, knowledgeable, efficient and professional. I was extremely pleased with the work they did and completely satisfied with the ease with which the cover operates. "
- Elizabeth B.


"The remodeling job done on our old pool by Anthony and Sylvan Pools was outstanding. The people we worked with were very helpful in choosing the right materials. All the remodeling work was done in a timely fashion and the swimming pool and the deck area both look brand new. "
- Rick M.

26 Years of Perfection

"A&S installed my original concrete pool 26 years ago and then renovated our pool 13 years ago (new coping and tile). Everything from the first call, to the promptness of the return calls, to the completeness of the quote, to the information I got with the quote, to the call scheduling, to the follow-up call scheduling, EVERYTHING! I can't say enough to thank the guy!There were problems that occurred after the renovation was done and those things were taken care of the same way. So it's not as though it was perfect but when it was imperfect, those things were fixed so I think that's PERFECT. It was an excellent experience with A&S. We're starting up a new business with the company that I work for and were talking about how we were going to do things and I said, What we have to do is we have to model our business after the way Anthony & Sylvan does their renovations too!"
- Bob P.

Great Quality at a Great Price

"We used Anthony & Sylvan because of the quality of the work that we know they do in the area and the price was very good as well. I had a couple other companies come out and give us some quotes and an estimate, and I wasnメt happy with the estimates they gave us nor the quality of the materials they were showing us. On the other hand, Anthony & Sylvan showed us exactly what we wanted. Their design consultant immediately knew exactly what it is that would make us happy and the materials he showed us matched our decking and our porch. Now everything in our pool is all coordinated and it all matches. It looks absolutely beautiful. The finish is great, the workmanship is first rate. The job was done in two days -- it was very simple and clean and quick. "
- Kevin M.

Awesome Pool Service

"I had Anthony & Sylvan's pool service team out today. They were awesome. They took care of everything and they did it in a downpour!! "
- Kathleen W.

Great Pool Service

"Anthony & Sylvan has been opening and closing our pool for years. We have never had a problem, reserved dates always kept and pool has continued to work every spring. Must mean Anthony Sylvan is doing a geat job with closing before our winter season. "
- Selig R.

Excellent All Around

"We were pleased with the professionalism displayed by all the employees of Anthony & Sylvan Pools. The crews arrived on time and did a great job of cleaning up and the work looks just great. We were surprised at how quickly and efficiently it was done. An excellent job all around! "
- Roberta S.

Came Recommended

"Our postman has an Anthony and Sylvan Pool and he loved his, so we checked them online since we have been wanting a pool for about two years now. We ended up getting a kidney shaped pool that's 3 feet to five feet with light. The team from Anthony and Sylvan were all wonderful. They promptly return phone calls and emails and answers any questions we have. Their designer listened to what we had in mind and came up with a really well thought out plan. "
- Pat W.

Wonderful In-Ground Pool Builder

"We have a couple friends who have had their pools built by Anthony & Sylvan. So we had them put in a concrete salt pool for us. We like having it. It's just convenient to have it right here in our backyard and enjoy swimming together as a family. And to have people over, it's great entertainment. We did put a heater on and I love having that. The design consultant, Jason, was wonderful. He was very helpful and informative and reassured us anytime we had any questions. Everybody was always courteous. Anytime I dealt with anybody in any of the departments, they were always courteous and good about getting back to us as soon as possible. It was a very pleasant experience and they made the process very easy for us. "
- Jennifer L.

Great Pool Service

"Anthony & Sylvan Pools recently opened and closed our swimming pool. The two serviceman were prompt, efficient and very courteous. "
- Laurel N.

Great Job All Around!

"Great experience from design to completion. Every team member worked with me thru each step. They all made sure I knew what my options were before starting work. I loved the fact that they give so much square footage of concrete and you have a choice of were you want to put it. Example - I could of had walkways of 5 or 6 foot the whole way around or you can have 4 feet on three sides and a 12 foot pad at one end like I chose. Great all around experience. Even after the sales staff draws your plans you can change things with in reason with no extra cost. The pump that was installed is much more pump than I need, however it doesn't cost more. Would definitely recommend to friends and family. "
- Bill S.

Couldn't Be Happier

"My Sylvan pool was built when we built our home 14 years ago. We did a major renovation to our backyard this past summer, which included replacement of the concrete and wood deck with pavers, repositioning of the gazebo, landscaping and the pool. Sylvan replaced the coping to match the pavers, replaced the tile and replastered. Your team worked extremely well with the scheduling of their work with the paver and landscaping contractor. The workmanship was excellent and I couldn't be happier with the end result. The only disappointment was that the installation of the cover we bought from Sylvan as well brought an end to our short swimming season. I also had a great experience working with Don **. I hope we have a short winter so that we can open the pool early and start to enjoy our investment. "
- Tim S.

We Love Our Pool

"We are enjoying our A&S pool. It has afforded us every imaginable pleasure. We love our private time and our social time in this pool. Along the construction way, we were personally attended to by the A&S people and were grateful to their thoughtful responses to our requests. We would repeat our experience with this group if it were ever necessary. "
- Tom M.

Anthony & Sylvan Pool Service

"We always use Anthony & Sylvan to close our pool and hot tub. We usually have Vince and he is always polite and explains everything to us very well. I appreciate that the company gives us a reminder call a day or two before closing so that we have everything available for them. The easy payment to our credit card is nice to, as I don't have to mail a check afterwards. We will continue to have A&S close our pool each year! "
- Suzanne B.

Great Pool, Great Pool Service

"Anthony and Sylvan built our pool for us 5 years ago. They have opened and closed our pool for us since we built it. Many of our friends have started to open and close on their own, trying to save money, but we wouldn't consider it. We trust A&S and feel that they are worth every penny! We know that A&S stands behind their service and we have the peace of mind knowing that our pool is in good, capable hands! Our pool is the envy of all of the neighbors, all thanks to the care that it receives from Anthony and Sylvan! "
- Jean K.

Completely Satisfied

"From our initieal contact with your sales representative John **, through the entire process, we were treated courteously and fairly. We were given all the specifics we needed to make our decision to include a start and completion date. We knew exactly what to expect on a step by step procedure to include what the Labor Crew would be doing. We were fully informed as to what had to be done by us in the ensuing weeks after the job completion to assure a successful result and to maintain stability in the chemical analyses of the water. Our contact with your office (Tom) was patient and responsive throughout the process. As to the men on the work site doing the resurfacing, they were polite, efficient, capable, and knowledgeable from start to finish. In closing, we are completely satisfied with Sylvan & Anthony Pools and would not hesitate to recommend them. "
- Fred K.

Love Our Pool

"We love our pool! We had a wonderful experience building our backyard pool. The whole process was fun to watch from start to finish and watch it all come together! Anthony and Sylvan were great to work with and we would recommend them to anyone! We look forward to making lots of memories with our kids swimming right in our own backyard! "
- Stephanie L.

Pool Renovation - Pennsylvania - R

"I want you to know that I was extremely pleased with the final product and with the your staff. I didn’t expect that the work would be completed so quickly but the pool looks great and your staff work cleanly and efficiently. I’m already getting very positive comments from my membership. Thank you all your help and assistance throughout the project. You can certainly use Radnor Valley as a reference in the future." - R.

Pool Renovation - Pennsylvania - RJ CJ

“Carol and I would like to take the time to thank you for you excellent guidance during the planning for our pool renovation. Your assistance in the tile selection, the plaster selection and the mosaic choice was invaluable. It turned out fantastic and very much to our style and character. Carol and I are extremely happy with the renovation from beginning (your assistance) through (fantastic assistance by Dana Christ), to end. The entire renovation was such a pleasure due to the very professional attitudes of all involved; sales, scheduling, workmanship. Everyone was extremely courteous, professional, highly skilled and very neat. The demolition crew had hard work and when done you wonder how it can ever look ok again. Then the prep plaster crew worked by applying the acid wash and bonding, which in about 1/3 of the pool left bubbles in the bonding area which the plaster crew had to address before they could proceed. The tile workers, under the direction of Otilio were exceptional as were the plaster crew under the direction of Alfredo, their skill very very evident and the final finished renovation looks fantastic. We cannot wait to get through the next month to be able to enjoy it as the weather warms up.”
- R.J. & C.J.

Pool Renovation - Pennsylvania - SB

“I wanted to take the time to thank those at Anthony & Sylvan Pools for making our pool renovation a pleasurable experience. From beginning to end Marla Brozena was fantastic. Her communication and dedication was outstanding. In the middle of our renovation we uncovered additional problems that needed to be addressed and Marla was there to help keep the project moving forward without delay. The crew at Anthony always arrived when expected and kept true to their timetable. I want to thank you and your team for the professional service we received and a special thanks to Marla Brozena for her excellent communication skills and pleasant personality. Marla is a real asset to the Anthony & Sylvan team.”
- S.B.

Pool Renovation - Pennsylvania - SH

“My wife and I have owned our home for 20 years. It used to be fun to hang out by the pool with our friends. But it was getting boring. And the pool was showing signs of age. We called several companies, and they were just as boring as our pool. But then our neighbor, who used Anthony & Sylvan to refinish his pool, suggested we give you a call. It was great! Your design consultant used his computer program to show us exactly how different our pool area could be. Finally, a company that had the vision to see beyond just resurfacing the pool and repainting the deck. So thanks! Now we’re repainting the house to look as good as the pool!”
- S.H.

Pool Renovation - Pennsylvania - RR

"The pool is absolutely beautiful. I really can't thank you enough for all of your impeccable work in scheduling everybody and helping me through this whole pool renovation. You have such patience and a great eye for detail. Thanks so much for helping me through this whole process! You are terrific!"
- R.R.

Pool Renovation - Pennsylvania MH

"Thank you... the pool looks great... your renovation crew did a spectacular job at restoring the pool to perfection...thank you!"
- M.H.

Renovation - Pennsylvania - EB

"Everyone in the Anthony & Sylvan® organization has been very helpful and polite from your Renovation Specialist to your installation personnel. I am extremely pleased with my safety pool cover and its installation. Thank you!"
- E.B.

Professional & Informative

"Anthony & Sylvan's pool service team was out to service the pool they built for us. The service techs were very informative, polite, and professional."
- Erin B.

Excellent Service

"I've used Anthony & Sylvan for my pool's construction, for pool supplies, and their pool service team was out today. They provided excellent service with very clear explanations and instructions. I was very satisfied!"
- Gary L.

Great Pool Company

"Anthony & Sylvan's pool service team just opened the pool they built for me. I've also used them for pool supplies. They provide great service and it is professionally delivered. Thanks!"
- Dennis S.

Great Advice & Service

"I get my pool chemicals and supplies from Anthony & Sylvan in Fairfield. Rich always takes care of my needs. He answers my questions and provides great advice and service."
- Louis R.

Keep Up the Good Work

"Anthony & Sylvan just finished building my new pool. Over the year I've worked with them for pool construction, remodeling and my service and pool supplies. Keep up the good work!"
- Tim C.

Thanks, Team Anthony & Sylvan -- for my recent pool renovation!

"Great new pool finish, Sunstone Black Pearl... So pretty! Effect is like a tide pool, water likewise-- a kind of greyish teal-- like a natural lake. Just fits the environment here. All the team members very very courteous and professional. There were four stages and they got it all coordinated and synchronized. I'm very happy with it."
- Corinne M.

Neat, quick, efficient, and friendly

"We use A&S to open and close our pool. Their staff is courteous and efficient but they take the time to point out any issues, make recommendations or answer any questions that we might have. "
- Amy W.

Years and Years

"I've been relying on Anthony & Sylvan for my pool needs for years. They originally built the swimming pool and now I've also worked with them to renovate the pool and I get my supplies from their store in Doylestown. The team is always top notch!"
- Joe S.

Always Satisfied

"I've used A&S for my pool supplies and pool care. They were just out to service my pool. The workers are good and courteous and I'm always satisfied with the outcome of their work."
- Joe S.

Since 2001

"Anthony & Sylvan built our in-ground pool in 2001 and we get our pool supplies from their store in Doylestown. The store employees always take the time to help me out with water chemistry questions and equipment needs. They make sure, before I leave, that I understand their recommendations. "
- John C.

Pool Looking Great

"I always come to Anthony & Sylvan for my pool supplies. They are conveniently located and their free electronic water testing is easy and the instructions they provide always makes my pool look great!"
- Karin E.

Great, As Always

"I built my in-ground swimming pool with Anthony & Sylvan years ago and since then I've also used them for a pool renovation and shop at their pool supply store in Doylestown. I stopped by today and the service was (as always) great! Always helpful and always knowledgeable!"
- William K.

Stop Shopping At Leslie's

"I stopped by Anthony & Sylvan's pool store in Doylestown today. Lee is great to work with. Now that he is back in the Doylestown store, I will stop shopping at Leslie's. Excellent!"
- Bob F.

Nice Job

"We built our pool with Anthony & Sylvan in 2012 and since then we've used them for service and shopped at their pool store. They do a nice job! Very friendly and informative."
- John K.

Nearly 20 Years

"Anthony & Sylvan built my pool nearly 20 years ago. I have always had excellent service at their Doylestown store. The staff is very knowledgeable and they provide friendly service."
- Lee-Ann D.

In-Ground Pool Construction & Pool Supplies

"We built our pool with Anthony & Sylvan and now we shop at their pool store in Doylestown. Their employees are always helpful and try not to make you wait too long. The supplies that we need are usually in stock."
- Susan G.

Attention to Detail

"I get my pool supplies from Anthony & Sylvan's pool supply store in Doylestown. The store associates attention to detail and promptness are excellent. They're very professional!"
- Libby A.

Happy With All Aspects

"Anthony & Sylvan built our in-ground pool in 2011 and we've shopped at their pool store in Doylestown and used them for our pool's service as well. We've been happy with all aspects of the pool service. They were extremely professional and friendly."
- Amy W.

The Best

"I get my pool supplies at the Anthony & Sylvan Doylestown store. It's an awesome store with friendly people. Lee is the best! I'm so glad to see him back in Doylestown!"
- Danielle S.


"I get my pool supplies from Anthony & Sylvan's pool supply store in Doylestown. The staff is very helpful and Lee is the most awesome pool guy around!"
- Eric S.

Today and Over the Years

"I get my pool supplies here. Nicole was great today. She was very helpful today and over the past years. She's the best, next to me of course. Thanks!"
- John M.

Our Pool Partner

"Anthony & Sylvan built our pool in 2010. We've used both their pool service and their pool store since then. We bring our water to be tested weekly and we are always satisfied with the service. Anthony & Sylvan has helped us maintain our pool from the very beginning. I wouldn't think of going anywhere else!"
- Jo-Anne H.

Always Helpful

"Anthony & Sylvan constructed our swimming pool in 2011. Since then, we've used them for pool service and get our pool supplies from their pool store. It's always helpful to speak to the guys at the store. They are very knowledgeable and never pushy."
- Orna A.

Excellent Work

"The service tech that Anthony & Sylvan just sent out to open the pool we built with them was very knowledgeable and provided prompt service. Excellent work!"
- Brian B.

Great Over the Years

"I'm a long-time Anthony & Sylvan customer. Over the years, I've used them for my in-ground pool construction, for pool supplies, and for a renovation. I picked up some chemicals from their Doylestown store today and got my water tested. They provide great service!"
- Aaaron N.

Excellent Pool Store

"This store is excellent. They always provide quick, quality, knowledgeable service. I stopped by today to pick up a skimmer weir door. Thanks!"
- Jon L.

Excellent Service

"I've had excellent experiences with both Anthony & Sylvan's pool supplies store and their pool care team. Their service techs always provide excellent service. (:"
- Tracey B.

Years of Satisfaction

"We have been coming to Anthony & Sylvan's Doylestown pool store for years, ever since they built our pool in 2006. Today I stopped by to retest my water chemistry. I'm always satisfied with the service they provide."
- Pat L.

Since 1999

"Anthony & Sylvan built our pool back in 1999. I stopped by their retail store in Doylestown, PA today and the staff was very helpful. Great service!"
- Alan K.

Knowledgeable & Helpful Pool Store

"I get my pool supplies from the Anthony & Sylvan pool store in Doylestown. The staff is knowledgeable and they are always very helpful! "
- Lorraine K.

Construction, Supplies & Service

"We built our pool with Anthony & Sylvan in 2003. I just stopped into their Doylestown pool supply store for the first visit of the season and I was so happy to see Troy's familiar face. He went above and beyond to resolve an issue I had with a heater. And Maggie, who was a new face, was very pleasant and efficient. I look forward to my weekly visits this summer! I always leave with with a smile. ( :"
- Alicia M.

Knowledgeable & Courteous

"I am a second full season customer after building my pool with Anthony & Sylvan. I find the store staff to be very knowledgeable and courteous. I put in a call yesterday after hours to ask an equipment question and was very pleased that Lee called me as soon as the store opened."
- Maurice P.

The Last 10 Years

"Anthony & Sylvan's retail store in Doylestown has provided me with excellent advice regarding my 65,000 gallons pool over the last 10 years. The personnel have been pleasant and helpful."
- John F.

Great Pool Supply Store

"I stopped by today for some pool supplies. The staff provided great service. They were knowledgeable and answered all of my questions."
- Thomas S.

Above My Expecations

"I recently used Anthony & Sylvan's pool service team to open my pool. The job was done above and beyond my expectations. They were excellent!"
- Carl J.

Always Take Good Care of Me

"Anthony & Sylvan built my pool and I shop at their Doylestown retail store for my pool chemicals. I was just in the other day and I'm happy to see that Troy is back! He has always taken good care of me. Great store!"
- Tony W.

I'm a Regular

"Anthony & Sylvan's retail store in Doylestown is great. I always come here for my pool supplies. They're excellent and and I highly recommend."
- Gerry E.

Keep Up the Good Work

"I worked with Anthony & Sylvan to built my in-ground pool. I stopped by their retail store today for some pool supplies. They have good selection, excellent advice, and provide great service. Keep up the good work!"
- David G.


"Anthony & Sylvan installed our in-ground pool and now we use them for our pool care and supplies. They provide excellent, rapid, and friendly pool service. They do a great job going over all the details of servicing the pool and what to do over the next few days after the pool has been opened. "
- Steven R.


"Over the years we have used Anthony & Sylvan for a pool renovation, we've shopped at their retail store for pool supplies, and we've used them for pool service. Their technician was just out to service our pool and everything was wonderful! The tech was very helpful and knowledgeable."
- Martina W.

Very Professional Pool Service

"Glen and Joe did a great job opening my pool. They were very personable and I enjoyed having them here. Glen ordered a part for my heater without any problem. I was very satisfied with the pool service. "
- Julie G.

Better Than the Competition

"I've used Anthony & Sylvan for our pool's construction, service, and supplies. Their pool supply stores are better than Leslie's because they have better customer service and they are more accurate. A&S pool supplies are better because the chemicals actually work and we have less debris on the pool bottom. Finally, if you have a problem, you actually get a working solution -- the first time! "
- Paul P.

Excellent Pool Company

"Over the years I've used Anthony & Sylvan for everything from my pool's construction, to a renovation, to service, and pool supplies. They do a great job -- these guys are the best!"
- Ken H.

Great Service

"Anthony & Sylvan's service team just opened our pool for the season. They provided great service by friendly and knowledgeable people. We've also used them for our pool supplies. Thank you!"
- Larry P.

Flawless Service

"Over the years, I've used Anthony & Sylvan for everything from our pool's construction, to a pool renovation, to our pool supplies and service. I was a little concerned this year when we had a new pool service team, but Max and Brian were super and everything went flawlessly!"
- Ronald B.

Courteous Pool Service

"I use Anthony & Sylvan for our pool service. Their techs are very courteous and friendly too!"
- Art D.

Great Job Opening Our Pool

"We have been using Anthony & Sylvan's pool service for the last 5 years. They just finished opening our pool for the season. Great job, as usual!"
- Andy R.


"Anthony & Sylvan just opened my swimming pool. Our technician was on time, engaged and resolved our issues, and provided good insight into our pool. Well done!"
- Brian K.

Always a great experience at the retail store

"We have been utilizing the services at the retail store for the last five years. TJ and the rest of the staff are true assets for your company. TJ has provided a wealth of information to me for years. He is a true professional. He is the reason that I come back year after year for chemicals and water testing."
- Rob L.

Above and Beyond for 23 Years

"We have utilized Anthony/Sylvan for 23 years. They built our pool, they have renovated the pool, they service the pool and we've shopped at their pool supply store. Chris H. has been a miracle service tech who is all about excellence in service. We appreciate his caring and attentive manner and he makes our Anthony/Sylvan experience above and beyond. We thank him for his team leadership and good intentions. Always and in all ways."
- Barbara J.

Answered All My Questions

"We built our pool with Anthony & Sylvan in 2012. We had them out to open the pool this week and their tech Angelo was very helpful. He answered all my questions. Thanks Angelo. He's very patient!"
- Kathy C.

Thank you very much

"My pool was built by Anthony & Sylvan. I've shopped at their pool supply store and they were out today to open the pool. Their technician was very pleasant to work with and provided clear instructions! Thank you very much."
- Chris N.

Great Experiences

"We appreciate seeing the same service staff every year. They are always very accommodating and helpful. We have had nothing but great experiences with Anthony & Sylvan from originally planning our pool in 2010 through yearly service."
- Angelina M.


"I've chosen Anthony & Sylvan for everything pool related. The original pool construction, a renovation of the pool and our pool supplies. I love their West Chester store. The staff are very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful!"
- Debra M.

7 Years and Counting

"I've used Anthony & Sylvan for over 7 years ever since they built my in-ground pool. I specifically come to their store in West Chester because the store manager, TJ, provides spot on advise and we really value his expertise."
- Christina F.


"Anthony & Sylvan was just out to service my pool. Their tech provided excellent and efficient service in identifying and addressing the problem, as well as advising me on the use of the equipment for my pool in the house I bought last July. Thanks!"
- Russ M.


"I rely on Anthony & Sylvan for my pool supplies and pool service and I have always received experienced, courteous and knowledgeable service from their technicians. "
- Bob R.


"We built our in-ground pool with A&S last year. Since then, we've used their pool supply store and they were just out to open the pool for the season. The guys did a great job. They came out nice and early and were extremely courteous. "
- Bill H.

Remarkably Helpful

"Over the years, I've used Anthony & Sylvan for my pool's construction, a pool renovation, and I get my pool chemicals and supplies from their retail store in West Chester. T.J. has always been remarkably helpful. He is an expert and has been valuable in keep my pool in great shape. We really missed him last year and we're glad he's back to help us this year!"
- Joe S.

Pool Service & Supplies

"I use Anthony & Sylvan for my pool service and pool supplies. The staff at their retail store in West Chester is very helpful and knowledgeable. They even helped me carry the items I purchased out to my car. Most excellent recommendation! Thanks!"
- Albert K.

Pool Opening

"The A&S pool service team just opened my swimming pool for the season. The team did a great job. They took the time to answer my questions and were very careful with my equipment. I appreciate their work!"
- Tim M.

Above and Beyond

"Many consumers, including myself, are well are that quality customer service has become extinct. Not the case at the Anthony & Sylvan retail store on Wilmington Pike in West Chester, PA. T.J., Bruce and the rest of the retail team go above and beyond the call of duty. Their knowledge, expertise, and customer service are top notch. Kudos to the retail team. Keep up the good work!"
- John S.


"I shop for my pool chemicals and supplies from Anthony & Sylvan's retail store in West Chester. T.J. is excellent and very competent. "
- Brian C.

Very Helpful & Friendly

"Anthony & Sylvan constructed our in-ground swimming pool and we've also used them for pool supplies and pool service. They're always very helpful and friendly!"
- Stacy M.

Pool Supplies

"I use Anthony & Sylvan in West Chester for my pool supplies. They're a great value and I'd recommend them. "
- Amy D.

Pool Opening

"We used Anthony & Sylvan's pool service team to open our pool. Great job, thanks!"
- Sheri T.


"I chose Anthony & Sylvan as my pool builder. I've also used them for our pool supplies and pool service. I've had a great overall experience, they're a great value, and I recommend them. Awesome!"
- Kristin B.

Explained Everything

"Anthony & Sylvan recently built us a swimming pool with a love seat and a sunshelf tanning ledge. Once the pool was finished, their pool service tech was fantastic. He explained everything I needed to know about caring for my new pool. He was very nice and even cleaned all the leaves out of my pool. So nice, thank you!"
- Kellie M.

Glad I Chose Anthony & Sylvan

"I recently used Anthony & Sylvan to build a swimming pool. I also use them to service my pool. We're new pool owners and their service team has been both understanding and helpful. Seth, Darren and Chuck have all been great! Thank you so much for the help. I'm glad I chose this Anthony & Sylvan as my pool builder and for our pool service! "
- Victor H.

Great Service

"Anthony & Sylvan provides pool great service. They always provide clear and helpful advice on how to add chemicals to balance my pool water. "
- Joan M.

Nearly 30 Years

"I built my pool with Anthony & Sylvan 27 years ago and I have used them for my pool supplies ever since. I would always recommend them."
- James A.


"We use Anthony & Sylvan for pool service and we shop at their store in Montgomeryville for our pool supplies. Everyone is always very friendly and helpful! We enjoy coming to the store every week to have our water electronically tested!"
- Barbara P.

Since 1999

"We built our pool with Anthony & Sylvan back in 1999. I get my pool care chemicals and supplies from their store in Montgomeryville. They have a very friendly and helpful staff!"
- Bonnie N.

Great Staff

"I shop for my pool supplies at the Anthony & Sylvan store in Montgomeryville. The store is excellent and the staff is always helpful!"
- Laurie G.

More Than 25 Years

"I built my pool with Anthony & Sylvan years ago. Since then, I've used them for a pool renovation and I shop at their pool supply store in Montgomeryville. They provide an excellent water testing service. Just walk in... it is free! They have provided me with very good advice and assistance for more than 25 years!"
- Bruce B.


"Anthony & Sylvan built our swimming pool in 2003. I stopped into their pool store in Montgomeryville recently and the staff was great! I got help right away and they exactly what I needed with little explanation."
- Melissa H.

Our Pool Guide

"We've worked with Anthony & Sylvan to renovate our swimming pool and we've used their pool supply store in Montgomeryville. Lee was very helpful today. He guided us through understanding and treating our pool's water chemistry."
- Tom J.

5 Years of Consistent Satisfaction

"Chuck at Anthony & Sylvan has been opening and closing my in-ground swimming pool for 5+ years and I have had consistent satisfaction with the performance of my from his care. He is polite, professional, and devoted to meticulously maintaining my pool as if it were his own. I have respect for his keen advice and hope that eventually he will achieve a higher position to guide and train even more Anthony & Sylvan pool technicians of his caliber!!"
- Joanne M.

A Great Help

"Over the years, I've used every service Anthony & Sylvan offers. They built my pool, I've gotten a pool renovation, and I've also used their pool service and shopped for pool supplies at their retail store. The retail store has a great selection, great prices, and they provide great service."
- Joseph L.

Excellent Service

"Anthony & Sylvan was out to open my pool for the season today. The guys were great! They work was very good. Overall excellent service!"
- Carlos C.

Recommend to Friends & Family

"We built our pool with Anthony & Sylvan back in 2012. I've shopped and their retail store and their service team was out to open the pool. As always, they were very helpful with any question or issue that I had. I would recommend their service to friends and family."
- Stephen N.

Pool Service

"I just had my pool opened by Anthony & Sylvan. The pool service was prompt and everything was explained. They provided wonderful service!"
- Orna A.


"We've used Anthony & Sylvan for our pool's construction, pool service, and also for our pool supplies. You'll pay a little more, but their expert advice about chemicals and maintenance will save you bug bucks as a pool owner. We're ecstatic! "
- Charles K.

Informative Pool Opening

"A&S just opened our swimming pool. The service was informative, thorough and courteous. Thank you!"
- Joanne Y.

Great Job, Again!

"Anthony & Sylvan's pool service team was just out to open the pool that they built for us. I've also used their retail store for our pool supplies. Great job again!!"
- Sam B.

Excellent Pool Service

"I use Anthony & Sylvan for my pool supplies and service. They just opened our pool for the season and their pool service tech provided a clear explanation of what was done, what needed to be done for the maintenance of our pool and equipment. "
- Peggy H.

Professional Service

"Over the years, I've used Anthony & Sylvan for my pool's construction, pool supplies, and pool service. Their staff is well trained, talented, and professional."
- Tim P.

Excellent Pool Service

"I just had my pool serviced by Anthony & Sylvan. Our service technician was excellent, timely, and professional. "
- Jim D.

Great Service Technicians

"Anthony & Sylvan pool service techs care of my pool and they always do a great job. Thanks!"
- Seth F.

Pool Service

"We used Anthony & Sylvans pool service and they did a great job all year! They were very friendly and were always able to answer our questions. Great experience!"
- Karen S.

Great as always!

"We shop at their retail store regularly and can always rely on getting great information and advice. The service is always friendly."
- Jim R.


"Anthony & Sylvan Pools built my pool 25+ years ago and I have relied on them for all the years since. I absolutely rely on them to keep my water in good balance and I buy all my chemicals from them. Thanks for the computerized water testing!"
- Bruce B.

Knowledgeable, Friendly, & Professional

"The team at the Montgomeryville store is wonderful, lead by Tim Lauchnor and supported by Ben, Alex, Lee and a few other individuals. It is so nice to go into the store and not only receive excellent advice and guidance, but also visit the team that has become your friends. In order to maintain your pool and keep it in the best condition possible, you must test your water. The team gives you the a report on your chemistries and tells you exactly what you need to add and how to do it. They also will help in contacting other departments of Anthony and Sylvan if it is beyond their scope. Anthony and Sylvan has an ecosystem that each department works together to give the best customer experience. The one thing that differentiates Anthony and Sylvan from other retail stores is that they know who you are, address you by your name, and know the individual needs of your pool without you having to tell them. It is a great working relationship that has grown into wonderful friendships."
- Kathleen K.

Always wonderful!

"The Montgomeryville staff is always extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I've been using this store for eight years and it is the only pool store I will use!"
- Lori W.

Efficient, pleasant service!

"Anthony & Sylvan are very helpful with pool maintenance."
- John B.

Always helpful!

"Anthony & Sylvan's staff is very helpful. They always have answers to my questions, both chemical and hardware related."
- Richard L.

Pool Experts.

"Anthony & Sylvan are the pool experts and provide high end products paired with excellent customer satisfaction."
- Evren A.

Pool Service to Supplies

"I count on Anthony & Sylvan for my pool's service and supplies. The staff at their Lancaster County store is knowledgeable and helpful regarding my pool chemical needs. The opening and closing of my pool has always been completed when scheduled and neatly."
- Tom S.

A&S Rocks!

"You folks rock! Thanks for all the help from a spa newbie!"
- Greg U.

Super Pool Store

"I use the A&S pool store in Lititz for my pool service and supplies. Their staff has always been very helpful and kind."
- Shari M.

Nearly 30 Years of Excellence

"We had the pool constructed by Anthony & Sylvan 28 years ago. Over the years, we've used their supply store, their pool service, and worked with their renovation team as well. The pool has done well and my dealings with A&S in Lititz have been excellent. "
- Richard M.


"I use Anthony & Sylvan for my swimming pool service and I get my pool chemicals from their supply store in Lititz. They have good service, a knowledgeable staff, and a convenient location!"
- Hironimus R.


"Anthony & Sylvan built my pool and now I get my pool supplies from their store in Lititz. Alex is always very willing to answer all my questions. It's great to have someone so knowledgeable in the store."
- Kathy W.

8 Years and Counting

"Anthony & Sylvan built our in-ground pool in 2006. We use them for pool service and shop at their retail store. We have been them for 8 ears and we are always satisfied."
- Joseph B.


"A&S built my in-ground pool and I've also shopped for my pool chemicals and supplies from their store in Lititz. They provide great customer service!"
- Larry M.

Good to Go

"A&S built my swimming pool. I visited their Newark store today for some pool supplies. The service was very good. The store was clean and everything was good to go."
- Mark B.


"I built my in-ground pool with A&S. I've also used their pool service and I shop at their retail store in Lititz. Alex is always friendly and helpful. Today, he opened the store a few minutes early for me, which was nice!"
- Tom S.

Fabulous Service

"I built my pool with A&S and I've also had the pool serviced by their pool care staff and shopped at their retail store for pool supplies. Their service is fabulous!"
- Jen C.

Over the Years

"Anthony & Sylvan has been very professional and consistent with their service over the years. I've used them for my in-ground pool construction, for pool service, and their retail store for my pool chemicals."
- Jeremy S.

Very Helpful

"I built my in-ground swimming pool with Anthony & Sylvan. I stopped in their retail store today for some pool supplies and Chris was very helpful. Thanks!"
- Greg D.

Always Great

"We built our pool with Anthony & Sylvan years ago. We've also used them for a renovation and we shop at their Lititz retail store for our pool supplies. The store manager is always great!!!"
- Pam H.

Excellent Informative Service

"We built our in-ground pool with Anthony & Sylvan. We've also used them for our pool care service. I was in their Lancaster County store today for pool supplies and received excellent information and service. I appreciate the patience and knowledge shown and given. I am grateful for the help I received. Thanks!"
- Melanie B.


"Our in-ground pool was built by Anthony & Sylvan and we also shop for our pool supplies at their retail store. The store is clean and organized. The staff provides great service and is very helpful. They always provide good pool care advice."
- Donald W.

Excellent Pool Supply Store

"I use Anthony & Sylvan's Lititz store for my pool supplies. The staff is very helpful, provide great service, and I enjoy coming in. Thanks!"
- Alan B.

Above and Beyond

"Vance, our Anthony & Sylvan pool service tech, was just out to open the in-ground pool they built for us. He has always gone above and beyond our expectations. He responds quickly whenever we have questions and is a pleasure to have here."
- Dave N.

Recommend Them to Anyone

"I've worked with Anthony & Sylvan over the years for everything from my in-ground pool's construction, to a pool renovation, to our pool service and supplies. I love the service and people in their Lititz store. They are extremely helpful. I'd recommend them to anyone!"
- Joy H.

Excellent Service

"I use Anthony & Sylvan for my pool supplies. They always provide excellent service. Thank you!"
- Hugh D.

Always Very Helpful

"A&S built my swimming pool and I've also worked with them for our pool service and pool supplies. Their staff is always very helpful with our pool's water chemistry. They give good advice and service. "
- Jeff A.

Great In-Ground Pool Company

"I chose Anthony & Sylvan to build our in-ground pool. I've also used them for our pool supplies and pool service. Their Lititz retail store always has what I need and the staff are always very helpful. I really appreciate the free water analysis."
- Richard K.

Quick and Painless Renovation

"We use Anthony & Sylvan for our pool supplies, pool service, and recently for a swimming pool renovation. They replaced the tile, coping, and put in a new Polaris pump. The renovation was quick and painless!"
- Christie O.

Excellent Pool Company

"I've used Anthony & Sylvan for everything from our pool's construction to our pool supplies and service. They're excellent overall!"
- Ron K.


"My pool was built by Anthony & Sylvan. I stopped by their retail store in Lititz today and had good experience. The staff I dealt with was helpful and had a pleasant personality. Thanks!"
- Michael K.


"Anthony & Sylvan constructed my in-ground pool. I also use them for my pool supplies. Everything is great!"
- Robert F.

Great Customer Service

"Great customer service! Anthony & Sylvan's retail team helped me make my pool care decision and feel good about it. Great job!"
- Melissa O.

Great Renovation, Service and Pool Store

"Anthony & Sylvan have renovated my swimming pool and deck. I've also used them for pool service and pool supplies. Their service and retail staff is always pleasant and helpful. The free water analysis is great!"
- Larry G.


"We are always pleased with the service and assistance from everyone at the Anthony & Sylvan store in Lititz. They're great!"
- David B.

Pool Service Well Worth It

"I hired Anthony & Sylvan to open my pool. The service tech was extremely efficient and explained the process while answering my questions. The pool had a cracked pipe and it was taken care of professionally. It was well worth having Anthony & Sylvan open the pool!"
- Jeff F.

Love my pool service team!

"I love my pool service from Anthony & Sylvan. Their pool service technicians are very knowledgeable."
- Chris D.

Valuable opening & closing service.

"Anthony & Sylvan's pool service crew is efficient, prompt, and pleasant. We greatly value their service opening and closing our pool."
- James G.

A&S makes it easy.

"We have been delighted with the pool service we receive from Anthony & Sylvan Pools service technicians. They open and close our pool and do a wonderful job! We didn't have to do anything. They remember where we store our pool items in the off season even better than we do. I strongly recommend them!"
- Jeanne G.

Extremely positive experience, would use and recommend them again

"Anthony & Sylvan Pools did tile in my pool. They brought extremely capable, clean, and timely people who got started and did exactly what they were supposed to do. Overall, I was very satisfied. They're all very professional people."
- Barbra G.

Knowledgeable Staff

"Anthony & Sylvans Lititz staff is always helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable!"
- Tom S.

Great water testing!

"I love their high quality computer water testing station with easy to understand print outs!"
- Jill S.

Excellent A&S Experience

"A&S were wonderful to deal with while installing our swimming pool. The communication from their back office was fantastic. They kept the project moving along and also completed the pool earlier than was anticipated. John Kostesich, our Project Manager, was very hands on and very responsive to our email questions. I would highly recommend Anthony & Sylvan Pools."
- Janet B.

Quality In-Ground Pool Builder

"We heard about Anthony & Sylvan from another pool company that had put in my sisters pool. They didn't do anything that small so they gave me Anthony & Sylvans number.The salesman, Tom Bowers was awesome. He stayed in touch with me through the whole process, often explaining things I wasn't comprehending."
- Kimberly M.

Great Pool Builder to Work With

"We purchased a new pool from Anthony & Sylvan. They have all been really great to work with and I've referred them to several friends who have inquired. People see the pool and they automatically ask me who we used. We love the design and tile. "
- Meredyth B.

Excellent Pool Company

"Anthony & Sylvan originally put in the pool so they were the logical people to do the repair. So we had our pool renovated and what they did is replace the coping stone and the decorative tile at the top of the pool. Anthony & Sylvan were very straightforward and the work was done very nicely. It was very professionally done and a year later it's still in fine shape. "
- William B.

Since 1990

"I used to work for Anthony & Sylvan Pools in 1980. I had our pool put up by them in 1990 and I recently had them renovate it. They put new coping, tile and plaster. Michelle with renovation was very helpful. Itメs the same with Joe, the guy that who came out and took a look at the pool and checked out the work that they did. They were very, very nice. The experience was very gratifying. They were very professional the way they handled themselves and the work they did. "
- Mark B.

Professional, Well Referred Pool Builder

"A friend referred Anthony & Sylvan so I had a new concrete pool installed. The team who came were very professional and very knowledgeable. I like the design and the design phase, in terms of taking the time to really sit down and help us understand the possible scenarios for our backyard. We had a bit of a complex topography and the design consultant, Paul, really took the time to walk the site with us and lay out the things that were possible. That was a very good experience. I would say it's a great pool, beautiful product. For us it became the feature of our backyard so it really made our backyard a unique place for the family to spend time and to gather. I certainly recommend Anthony & Sylvan for the quality of pools and the product that they built. "
- Bryan P.

15 Years and Counting

"Anthony & Sylvan built a pool for us 15-plus years ago. Recently they did a renovation. We reset all of the flagstone caulking, re-did the tile, and put down a pebble-plaster bottom. They're pretty good. They were timely. We had to jiggle the scheduling because we were away a lot during the summer, but they managed to get it in between some of our trips, and they cleaned up after themselves nicely. Good job, professionally done, good results. I'd recommend them. "
- Robert D.

Reliable Since 2004

"I built my pool with Anthony & Sylvan back in 2004 and I've used them for pool service ever since. Keith was here today and ready to work. He has always done an excellent job for the years I have had the pool. All of the Anthony & Sylvan service, including Carlos and Steve, have always been courteous and very helpful in both opening and closing the pool.I wouldn't consider using any other pool company!I built my pool with Anthony & Sylvan back in 2004 and I've used them for pool service ever since. Keith was here today and ready to work. He has always done an excellent job for the years I have had the pool. All of the Anthony & Sylvan service, including Carlos and Steve, have always been courteous and very helpful in both opening and closing the pool."
- Dennis S.

20 Years of Swimming Satisfaction

"Our pool was built over 20 years ago by Anthony & Sylvan. The pool was built a long time ago and lasted very well. Itメs a concrete pool, chlorine water. It was satisfactory. And they did work last summer, which is a total renovation of the inside of the pool. The experience was positive. It worked very nicely. They responded to what I needed. They advised me well. I would recommend Anthony & Sylvan. If somebody wanted a pool, Iメd talk to them about it."
- Alice S.

Many, Many Years

"Anthony & Sylvan put our pool in many, many years ago. Thatメs why we chose them again. This time, they resurfaced our pool, replastered it. My husband was actually the one that was interacting with them, not me. But it was all very positive. They were very responsive. We had to change the date for the original work because we were not available. They were more than willing to change the date and everything worked out pretty well. The workers that they provided were very hardworking, very knowledgeable, and very professional."
- Linda S.

Pool Renovation - Virginia - HJ

“Expanding the pool deck was a great idea. It was impossible to get the lounge chairs on the far side where the sun lasted the longest. Now it looks as if we have twice the area of pool deck, and we only added four feet! Once again, great idea!"
- H.J.

Pool Renovation - Virginia - JE

“We were the third owners of our home, and the pool had obviously been neglected. We thought it would be a nightmare, but Anthony & Sylvan gave us our options and we learned that all we had to do was have the deck repaired and replace the tiles. It was all done in less than two weeks, and you can’t even tell that it wasn’t like this from the beginning.”
- J.E.

Pool Renovation - Virginia - BC

"The installers did an outstanding job and my wife and I are extremely pleased with the quality and appearance of the tile and coping job. The workers cleaned up after themselves very well. Thank you both. It was a pleasure working with you and I will pass along your contact information to anyone that asks me for recommendations."
- B.C.

Pool Renovation - Virginia - LS BS

"Our pool renovation project is indeed completed. As mentioned earlier, we were most impressed by Anthony and Sylvan Pool's management regarding labor discipline and customer support. We have several small maintenance projects taking place this month and we wish that all our contractors had a Larry Stern for us to go to when we have any problems or sense uncertainties."
- L.S. & B.S.

Pool Renovation - Virginia - B

"I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know pleased I was with the job you (and your guys) did on our pool repair and upgrade. Your initial proposal was well prepared and competitive and you demonstrated a through understanding of the work and products. The work was carried out in a professional manner and crew did a great job in both the installation and cleanup. Please pass along my thanks for a job well done!" - B.

Pool Renovation - Virginia - BC

"I'm thrilled with the renovation work you did on our pool. The initial proposal was well prepared and competitive, and the work was done professionally from installation to cleanup. Thanks!"
- B.C.

Edie McCauley puts customer service first and foremost.

"Edie McCauley goes the extra mile to make sure your experience with Anthony Sylvan is second to none. Every time I have dealt with her, she has taken the extra time to explain the parameters of whatever the issue is with my pool. She follows up after you've left the store and makes sure you are happy. Her knowledge (whether it be water-chemistry, equipment, or fundamental structure) is truly remarkable and she pulls on that knowledge to solve whatever your pool problem is. In this day and age, it is so refreshing to work with a business, and specifically, an individual who is so customer-service-oriented. It is clearly more than a job for Edie...I won't go anywhere else for my pool needs."
- Tom G.

Very Thorough

"I rely my Anthony & Sylvan pool service team. They were out again today, and as always, explained everything very well!"
- Lee G.

Outstanding Customer Service

"I used Anthony & Sylvan to service my pool this season. Keith was outstanding in his customer service and willingness to answer questions while getting the job done. I will request his expertise in opening and closing my pool from now on! "
- Alexander H.


"Anthony & Sylvan built our pool and we use them for service and supplies too. Keith, our service tech, is awesome. He is professional and dependable. He is the reason we use Anthony & Sylvan!"
- Richard D.

Excellent Pool Service

"Thank you so much. Keith answered all our questions during the pool service. He even made some great suggestions for how can keep more debris out of the pool. We appreciate his experience and his expertise!"
- Cynthia K.

Excellent Pool Service

"Anthony & Sylvan's service team was just out to service my pool. They were excellent!"
- Bill Melanie C.

Excellent Work

"Anthony & Sylvan was just out to service my pool. Their techs are very knowledgeable and they do excellent work."
- Melton L.

Professional Pool Company

"Our Anthony & Sylvan service tech was just out for a pool care appointment. He was prompt, courteous, pleasant, professional and demonstrated true expertise in his field. Thank you!"
- Martin M.

Excellent Pool Service

"Anthony & Sylvan provides excellent pool service. Their tech was out today and was able to quickly troubleshoot a problem, on the spot, to resolution. Thanks!!"
- Lee R.

Edie McCauley: Great customer Service

"I have been coming to your chantilly store all summer. The customer service that I have received from Edie McCauley has been exceptional. I have followed her advise on all my pool needs, and I must say, she has been spot on every time. This has truly allowed me and my family to enjoy our pool. Thank you Edie !!"
- Roy P.

Hot Tub Issue Solved

"i recently had my pool and hot tub cleaned by Anthony & Sylvan; although it was spectacularly cleaned, i was left with a non-functioning hot tub. i called Anthony & Sylvan to correct the error who immediately sent out a second team from the Chantilly Service Center to repair this situation. i was pleasantly surprised to find the hot tub working properly after Steve and Todd, the service team, adjusted the valves and fixed this dilemma. i am most impressed with A & S's quick response by Edie, Linz, and Gail to hasten this particular repair and to take my hysteria with ease and understanding. kudos to the A & S Team, from administration to service!"
- terry B.

They Go Above and Beyond

"The staff at Anthony & Sylvan's pool store in Chantilly are always very helpful and they really go above and beyond to make sure you understand your pool and that you're happy!"
- Debbie W.

Saved the Day

"I built my pool with Anthony & Sylvan back in 2004. I've also used them for my pool service. Recently, I had an issue with my heater a week before my daughter's medical school graduation party. If it wasn't for Edie McCauley at Anthony & Sylvan's Chantilly pool store shipping me the part I needed right away, there would be no swimming at the party. Edie was professional, sensitive to my situation, and proactive in solving my problem quickly and efficiently. You rock Edie!!"
- Pat L.

Excellent Service

"I get my pool supplies at the Anthony & Sylvan pool supply store. The service is always prompt, informative, and very helpful! Definitely recommend."
- Jamie W.

Professional Pool Opening

"Anthony & Sylvan's pool care team just opened my pool. The techs were very professional, clean, and courteous. Excellent!"
- Terry E.

Very Good Pool Service

"Anthony & Sylvan's pool care team was just out to open my pool. They did a very good job. Thanks!"
- Lav B.

Knowledgeable Pool Service

"I used Anthony & Sylvan's pool care team to open my pool this year. They were very professional, knowledgeable, and they took the time to explain everything very well."
- Lee G.

Consistently Great Service

"We've used Anthony & Sylvan for everything from our pool's construction, to pool supplies and our pool's service. Keith does a great job each and every time he's been out to service the pool!"
- Patti & Rick K.

The Best

"Our in-ground pool was built by Anthony & Sylvan. We've also used them for our pool supplies and pool service. The technician that just opened our pool, Carlos, is the best that we have ever had working with on on the pool!"
- Fred S.


"Our pool was built by Anthony & Sylvan. We have also used them for pool supplies. The pool was just opened for the season by their service team. Keith did a great job. "
- Tom K.

Pool Service

"Our pool was just opened for the season by Anthony & Sylvan's pool service techs. The guys did a bang up job! I would love to have them back for all of my future pool service!"
- Eric S.

Very Professional

"Anthony & Sylvan's pool care team was just out to service the pool that they built for me. The tech was very professional and was willing to explain everything and take the time to discuss the service. "
- James A.

Excellent Job

"We used Anthony & Sylvan for our swimming pool construction. We also use them for pool service and supplies. Their service technicians are on time and do an excellent job cleaning the pool. They're efficient, answer my questions, and are very courteous and helpful."
- Sherrie W.

Dependable Service

"I can always count on the knowledge and expertise of Anthony & Sylvan pool technicians. They service our pool, we use them for pool supplies, and they also built our pool. "
- David C.


"Anthony & Sylvans pool service is thorough, efficient, and they have a very pleasant staff who know what they are doing!"
- Harold C.

Service Technicians are very personable and competent. Only problem was great delay in obtaining this service.

"Anthony & Sylvans service technicians take great care of our pool"
- Connie S.

Great Pool Service

"Our pool service technician Jeremy was very knowledgeable wit answering questions. He was also very courteous, polite, and a wonderful personality. In fact, I'm going to request that Jeremy opens and closes my pool every year!"
- Roger A.


"I have been coming to this store for my pool supplies and water testing for 7 years. Whenever I have a water chemistry problem, I always receive great advice regarding the correct chemicals to use."
- W.K. Williams.

Great Pool Closing Service

"I always request Carlos for our pool closings and he does an excellent job! He is professional and thorough. I highly recommend Anthony & Sylvan Pools for opening and closing services!"
- Mary B.


"We have been very pleased with Anthony & Sylvan Pools and the pool service they provide. We have been customers for many years and will continue to be. They're top-notch!"
- Elizabeth T.

Outstanding pool service

"My pool service technician was outstanding! He was very nice and took the time to answer all my questions."
- Peggy R.

Fantastic pool service

"Anthony & Sylvan service our swimming pool. My pool tech did a great job, as usual! Hes always pleasant and helpful."
- Thomas H.

Pool Service

"Overall, the pool service Anthony & Sylvan provides has been excellent. Etinenne and Steve always deliver first-quality service and leave the pool spotless. I have been very happy with their pool service."
- Adelaide W.

Awesome Service

"Anthony & Sylvans Chantilly retail store provides awesome service! They always provide more information than everybody else and take the time to answer my questions. They make me a better pool owner!"
- Ted D.

They were responsive, but we weren't completely satisfied.

"Anthony & Sylvan Pools came out to do a pressure test on our line, testing for a leak. Unfortunately, we still have the leak. He patched the line and everything and said it was all clear, but the leak was still there. They were very responsive and came out quickly, but just really didn't follow up with it."
- Dennis W.


"I had a great experience with my Anthony & Sylvan in-doc technician. He walked me through everything with my pool and explained how to maintain the system. Very helpful!"
- Lav B.