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There’s “Snow Time” like the present….

The Anthony & Sylvan offices in the Northeast have been rocked by Mother Nature in February with another record snowfall dumping 24″ to 36″ of fresh powder into the region in less than 1 week!

With precipitation like that, sales must be slumping….or are they? Apparently not. Customers have shown a weather-tolerance level that has simply “max-ed out” and orders for new in-ground A&S swimming pools are up significantly over prior year.

The A&S Design Team is working hard to get the customer into a Summer State-of-Mind, and what better way to do it than in a new Anthony & Sylvan Pool!

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There's "Snow Time" like the present....
There may be record snow outside but our design consultants are still here to help.
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Anthony & Sylvan Pools
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